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Worst Coaster Ever?

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The worst coaster I have ridden was probably a Pinfari looping coaster that came with a fair a few years ago. It hurt my ears really bad. Im pretty sure this is the same one





But atleast it was exciting, unlike some other coasters Ive ridden like Magnus Colossus and Wild Wild West in Spain. Those coasters really sucked. Rough and slow all the way.



Cant wait to ride Volare this summer!!

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It is a stupid baby steel coaster from Vekoma (Junior coaster 207m) that hurt a lot. I hope they repaired it this winter. And the coaster is definitive to short.

Length: 679' 2"

Height: 27' 11"

Inversions: 0

Speed: 21.7 mph

Duration: 0:44


The whole park will be changed. From 1996 to 2004 it was Warner Bros. Movie World Germany. From 2005 it will be Movie Park Germany.

The Park opens on March 19. with new and changed attractions.

New attractions will be "Ice Age Adventure" - "SpongeBob Squarepants 4D cinema" and "Time Riders".

Here is the link: http://www.moviepark.de



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Well Volare is the #1 worst coaster I have ever been on in my life! Anyone whos been on a Zamp. Flyer would know why....


Also did Volare at Wiener Prater last year I can understand completely why.Feels like you are in a mobile nut house with the cage on the front on the cars. I another one for the roughest coaster list I think.


This has to be the worst coaster ever ridden on. If any of you are intending on doing this one please take shin & elbow pads they are a must. One of my mates made a remark “Has anyone got an axe to make this in to matchwood” Sierra Tonante at Mirabilandi

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^ Ahh, good...nice to see another awesome ride to look forward to on our trip this year!


No no no no don't let that coaster put you off.

There is always Katun the best Inverted Coaster I have ever been on.

The first drop is just amazing. The Vekoma Junior Coaster was very smooth as is the Junior Coaster at Bobbejannland (How do they do that!) !.


Nick “If only Vekoma big coasters were the same as the Junior ones” Collins

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Katun... **drooooolll**


Worst coaster Ive been on? Well I really havent ridden a ride yet that I wouldnt ride again. There is however one ride I avoid like the plague because it sucks...


Very bad exscuse of Swiss Engineering. The trains vibrate and jerk around like its got turrets or something, completely horrid.

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^ It's so strange about Mantis. I remember in it's opening year it just seemed so awesome. And I don't if I remember it being so much better then because my coaster count was like 50 or because it REALLY was that much better.


But yeah, I avoid it most trips to CP too.



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I don't know why everyone's so down on Hypersonic XLC. Last time I rode it, it was butter smooth. Yes, there was some hunting on the turnaround, but the pneumatic tires made it more of a gentle rocking.


Yup, Psyclone. The only redeeming part of this ride is being able to sit by the exit and watch all the people coming off the ride nursing their sore backs and necks.

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