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  1. looks like phoenix phall phunfest is canceled for this year? i can't find any references to it on the park's website. anyone know more?
  2. hallelujah! way to go busch gardens for being flexible and at least partially opening the park.
  3. looks like they're combining the covered bridge festival and PPP this year into one event on saturday october 10th. hopefully this event still happens and isn't cancelled because of covid. yall think flying turns and/or impulse will be open for this?
  4. Went to holiday world briefly today. Arrived 30 min after park opening to an absolutely massive crowd outside the gate (I guess bc today was a weekend). I bet it was easily over a thousand people all lined up waiting to get in. That said the line moved quickly and took about 30 minutes. There was no Health screenings or covid forms to fill out, which I thought was odd. Only went through a metal detector and that was it. Virtual queuing system was def nice, got to look around in the shops while waiting. love the made to thrill designed swag, but I can't stomach paying 30 bucks for a t-shirt. Go
  5. Also meant to comment on coronavirus stuff. I would say virtually everyone in the park was wearing masks at all times. Social distancing was a mixed bag, not perfect, but overall not too bad.
  6. Went to the park today. Arrived at 10:30 and headed straight for Orion. Got an access pass and was able to ride 30 min later. Continued to get access passes throughout the day for a total of four rides. The line was never that long for Orion as long as you went within the last 15 minutes of your time window. Rode a handful of other coasters as well, lines were always 30 minutes or less. Observations : 1. All park staff at all rides, shops, restaurants, Etc were very cheerful and helpful 2. All park staff were pretty strict on mask-wearing and reminding guests to keep their mouths and nose
  7. Went to the park today, had a good time. Not many people wearing masks, not many people being socially distant. But, since there were light crowds, everyone was kind of naturally socially distanced. I'm not too worried about coronavirus, so personally I was not bothered by any of this, but I can see how some people would be. It was depressing to see empty shops and restaurants and rides and games with a lone employee just sitting there with no guests to tend to. But I was glad to go and support the park and buy some swag. Also I think the water park had more people in it than the actual amusem
  8. I'm cool with Kings Dominion getting a 4D free Spin. They're not my favorite ride, but they're still fun and the GP should like it
  9. has anyone else noticed on the KI ticketing/reservation website the # of spots remaining for various timeslots for upcoming days has vanished? i sure hope the park isn't looking at reduced days/hours because of weak demand for reservations from the GP. i have a ticket/reservation for this friday 07/17, coming out of state, gonna be BUMMED if the park is closed. although i kind of doubt it would be on a friday
  10. hopefully all the coasters will be open, that's all i really care about. i also wonder if the campground will be open? i'll tent camp in july, don't care about heat, just wanna visit the park
  11. not sure if you can create a poll on here, but curious what the general TPR thoughts are in terms of B&M giga rankings, with the announcement of orion last night. obviously nobody has ridden orion yet, but based on the POV/layout, i would rank them as: 1. fury 325 2. leviathan 3. orion
  12. does anyone know if carowinds is doing a copperhead strike first rider auction charity benefit? (like they did on fury 325) i can't find anything on it. looks like the soonest anyone can get on the ride is for season passholder preview night on fri march 22 from 6-10pm, then the following day is the park's grand opening. will those days be crowded? any intel out there? found this article too: https://www.wcnc.com/article/entertainment/events/carowinds-announces-preview-night-for-new-roller-coaster-copperhead-strike/275-26a3217d-933f-424d-a74d-a01473dbd98c
  13. looks like a great addition to the park and a much-needed massive revamp of the entrance. just in time for ACE coaster con 2020!
  14. man, does this ride look awesome. glad to see dive machines breaking out of the mold into some new elements (loop). even that second element.....i don't know whether to call that a dive loop or a zero-g roll? and obviously that first drop looks incredible. other thoughts: -second half of the ride looks a little weak, but oh well -name really doesn't roll off the tongue well.....i kept forgetting the name of it over the course of today! i kept wanting it to call it yukon cornelius -great addition to the park -tunnel looks like a serious headchopper -definitely gonna have to make a trip
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