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  1. My favorite Invert.. Volcano: The Blast Coaster along with another favorite Flight of Fear!
  2. Favorite Steel That Beaut in the background, Intimidator 305!
  3. ^All roller coaster exploding except Vekomas What's worse than finding out that your favorite ride is going to be torn down and recycled?
  4. Windseeker construction has hardly started yet.. There's your update!
  5. Waiting 2 hours for a Vekoma SLC What's worse than Cedar Point closing?
  6. A Togo Stand-Up with 20 inversions and a generic name Whats worse than Intamin going out of business?
  7. Posting a post that nobody likes... Whats worse than Intimidator 305, being sold to a Six Flags Park?
  8. Playing on the wrong Bag-O-Crap contest. Whats worse than, El Toro burning down and making room for a Kiddie Ride?
  9. I don't know if we will see anything new until 2012. Kings Island and the others got there first parts for Windseeker in February.
  10. After riding, Anaconda, Shockwave, Ricochet, and Hurler in a row at Kings Dominion, I felt sicker than a Cancer patient. I wanted to go to the bathroom (to vomit) but my sister wanted to go inside the RockShop, across from Hurler. I was about to sit down to keep myself from vomiting, but then I puked. All over the floor! I was so embarrassed, everyone was looking at me like, "WTF!?". Yeah, that experience ruined my day at KD.
  11. Hopefully they don't make it so there will be a big plot of Dinosaurs next to Grizzly though..
  12. There was a big Dinosaurs Alive sign infront of the Go-Karts when I went last month. So I am assuming that the entrance will go in that area.
  13. Clicky Here's a link to Alpengeist Clicky I'm certain that I will never experience Alpengeist in 30 degree temperatures..
  14. Do they run Alpengiest during Christmas town? I know they are going to use Mach Tower as an observation tower, but I don't think as the Drop Tower..
  15. I've heard that groundbreaking started around the end of October, to the beginning of this month.. I hope when I go up on I-95 for Christmas traveling, I will see 3 towers in the skyline! .. Or at least a crane in the skyline
  16. I'm playing Tomb Raider II Level 4: Opera House
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