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Worst Coaster Ever?

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It's rather hard for me to pick.


But from the standpoint of a bad layout and a bad execution OF that layout, both Hurlers are probay at the top though I have ridden worse coasters, roughness wise.


It's just a combination of the layout being dumb and the ride killing you ion every turn. I don't mind riding it though. It's fun to make fun of.

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Without a doubt, my vote goes to a coaster that really shouldn't exist anymore but still persists year after year, Tornado at M&Ds Scotland.



This is a coaster most of you wouldn't have ridden, but need I say more than a 14 year old, 80ft Pinfari with those awful trains made for 5 year old kids and not one but TWO loops. I can't even imagine what this thing must have been like when it had a corkscrew.


Tornado is proof that Pinfari really should have stuck to building kiddie coasters, or at the most, their Looping Star model. As far as I know, the only other version of this in the World was built in Argentina and lasted just 7 years before it was torn down. I came off this thing with bruises that then started bleeding from colliding with various parts of the train, along with whiplash to last a few days. Any SLC after this seems like a B&M Invert and in a perverse way I'm glad to have been on Tornado to bring my understanding of smoothness/roughness into perspective. Seriously people, this is a coaster from Damian himself


Here's the proof (and this is when it was only a year old, I went on this crapfest in it's 13th year)


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It's hard to isolate the absolute worst coaster I have ridden, but the most painful moment I have experienced in the past couple years was going into the helix on KD's Shockwave. That was a nasty blow to the head/jaw. The final bunny hops didn't help either. Surprisingly enough, CW's Skyrider was actually a decent ride in 2012, and there was no hint of such a jolt when we banked into the helix.


The worst coaster of the 2012 season was Green Lantern at SFGAdv. This ride makes Mantis seem flawless.

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Bottom 5 Wood.

5. Mean Streak @ Cedar Point

4. Grizzly @ California's Great America

3. Anaconda @ Walygator Parc

2. Wild Beast @ Canada's Wonderland

1. Bandit @ Movie Park Germany


Bottom 5 Steel

5. Manhatten Express @ New York New York

4. Flashback @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

3. Ninja @ Six Flags St. Louis

2. Dragon @ Adventureland

1. Gouderix @ Parc Asterix

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Without a doubt, my vote goes to a coaster that really shouldn't exist anymore but still persists year after year, Tornado at M&Ds Scotland.



Visually it looks kind of cool. It looks like something Schwarzkopf would have made, only it would have been regarded as a masterpiece if it was (because face it, Anton knew how to build a damn good coaster).


The Traver Cyclones seemed brutal. They had so many accidents. I would like to see one built today with a RMC track.


You take that back! I would give my left foot to have gotten a chance to ride one of those things!

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Exactly, it looks just like a Schwarzkopf design but then you realise that Pinfari built this, the company that never quite understood the basic concepts of banking and transitions. If it was half the size then I wouldn't have mentioned it but this thing reaches 45mph in those evil tiny trains which have no consideration for the fact that most riders will probably have legs.


My vote for worst wooden coaster would be Roar at SFA, I'm sure there are much worse but once was more than enough, and I managed 3 rides on the Coney Island Cyclone no probs the week before.

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The two worst rides I have ever experienced occured within days of each other during TPR's 2008 Europe Trip: Bandit at Movie World and Anaconda at Walygator. They were simply exercises in endurance.

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Twister has to be probably the worst coaster i've been on. It's not THAT bad but i really haven't been

on any that bad coasters. Tho another ride couple that both suck are Insane at grönalund and Green Lantern First Flight. Zacspins are awesome otherwise,

but this model with the braking sections sucks.

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Zyklon at the now closed Indiana Fun Spot. Take a pretty darn brutal compact coaster, and for some reason add miserable over the shoulder harnesses to it so that at every bad transition you smash your head on the harness. It made Shivering Timbers roughness later that day (and it was pretty darn brutal that year) seem not that bad.


I also found both Space Mountain and Indiana Jones at DLP to be completely brutal rides. I feel like a second ride on Space Mountain may have fixed that, but I don't need to do that over.


For wood, Shivering Timbers was bad and Son of Beast was really bad. Shivering Timbers you could at least tell had some real possibility to be awesome, and I heard it got retracked since I've been on it and it is again, but that year was rough. I also didn't ride Mega Zeph a second time when it was a walk on during my visit to SFNO because it was so rough. Sad, that thing looked awesome.

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Twister has to be probably the worst coaster i've been on.


You need to ride some bad coasters....


anyway - mine are:


Bandit - movie park and mean streak at CP - just shakes violently around the whole track making you worry that you're going to chip a tooth or something!


Furius baco - Portaventura - horrendously rough and shaky throughout, and far more uncomfortable than any other intamin restraints - great launch though!


Mantis at cedar point - extremely painfull (FAR worse than apocalypse at SFA)


Mumbo Jumbo - flamingoland - surprisingly uncomfortable and very poor throughput


Flying fish at thorpe park - this is one of the occasions when I don't think it's off to brand a family/kiddie coaster as bad - I normally like powered coasters, and I love a good family ride - but this just bumps it's way slowly around the track and does nothing of any interest!


Diablo at PortAventura - AKA lift hill, the ride - 3 lift hills strung together by bugger all!

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Journey to Atlantis at Sea World San Diego.

Half-assed theming, bumpy coaster section, terrible capacity, terrible restraint design, terrible soundtrack, terrible pacing, and the only good part of the ride is the first drop.


Not to mention it still looks like it's under construction.

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Hercules at Dorney. The only ride I've ever outright refused to go on a second time. I've never been in such pain from a ride; I had to take a couple hours off until my head stopped hurting too much to ride anything else. On top of the pain, it wasn't even fun; the brakes on the first drop just turned it into a complete tragedy without any redeeming factors.

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There are actually so many bad coasters in the world to choose from, yes? No?


Can't decide, really. Although Bandit in Movie World Germany, Goudurix in Parc Asterix,

White Canyon in Yomiuriland and Anaconda in Parc Walygator immediately come to mind.




EDIT to add: Actually my Worst - Coaster - Ever experience, AND one of "My Most Embarrassing Moments in Theme Parks", happened in Walibi World on the first SLC ever built, El Condor. This is correct, I remember? When we came off of it, Robb was there at the exit with mic and video going on for our immediate reactions to it. And one of the main owners of the park right beside him.


I come off, he asks me, and I say "Best Coaster Ever - NOT", look over to the owner, then realize who HE is, and sheepishly move along. I don't remember him smiling at me - it's all a blur.

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