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  1. Remember, NTG has Gerstlauer trains, and Outlaw Run has RMC trains. We will have to wait for more details before blaming anyone.
  2. I'm just saying. Darien Lake may not want to take any risks. I do not blame anyone for this at this point in time, as we will have to wait and see the details
  3. Looks like we may kiss Lake Monster goodbye. A person was just thrown off of New Texas Giant and was killed.
  4. It's not exactly RMC's fault, the trains were built by Gerstlauer.
  5. Building a coaster takes a lot more than painting. My dad painted RoS when it first opened. The track is sprayed first, then the supports are rolled. It's pretty simple. But with building a coaster, land needs to be prepped, footers need to be poured, lumber needs to be cut, etc. etc.
  6. Lake Monster is said in the teaser to be 3,190 feet long. Here are some measurements of other coasters to compare to. Viper- 3,100 Feet Predator- 3,400 Feet Ride of Steel- 5,400 Feet Outlaw Run- 2,937 Feet So, Lake Monster would be longer than Outlaw Run, and about 90 feet longer than Viper.
  7. Whatever the reason is, I am very excited to see RMC building this coaster. I wonder if it will be a Topper Track design, or I Box. My guess would be Topper Track like Outlaw Run.
  8. Herschend is doing an amazing job with the park. Even Rowdy's Ridge is an amazing family area. I was pretty mad about the Scrambler going, but with the UFO m.i.a., I feel like it is going to return this season.
  9. Looks like a step in the right direction. I know that it's not official yet, but why would the park put in so much work to get the stats and everything if they were going to scrap the idea? I would say that there is a 70% chance that the ride is a go as of now.
  10. I think that a name will come out once more feedback is received. Maybe they will have a contest (for the name) with the prize being free season passes or something.
  11. ^Yeah it received new trains from Holiday World's Voyage, and RMC repaired the track to make the ride a lot smoother. It is still rough, but it is more enjoyable then before.
  12. I don't think that Predator will get removed because of all the work done recently. The new trains were added, plus Rocky Mountain did some track work.
  13. ^DL has replaced a lot of wheels and painted the final sections a bit. The new wheels definitely make the ride smoother.
  14. I made sure that I mentioned Lake Monster so they know that everyone who knows about it wants it in the park. Truthfully, the new restaurant seems nice, but if there is a choice between Lake Monster and that, I would pick Lake Monster hands down.
  15. I just received a survey too, but this was not about Lake Monster. It was about a new dining option called Smokehouse Blues. When asked about it, I replied that I heard about Lake Monster, and would much rather see that as a new addition. Here is the ad.
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