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Worst Coaster Ever?

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I don't mind boring rides very much, so that leaves Kong at SFDK as my worst coaster until further notice.



-Viper at SFMM (could have been awesome if not for the painfulness)

-Roar at SFDK (same)

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While my coaster count is only 71, a couple of my least favorite coasters are Green Lantern: First Flight and Viper, both at SFMM. Viper gives me a headache every times after trying almost every seat (I've only had one decent ride on it), and GL:FF crushes my pelvis miserably.

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After visiting SFA and King's Dominion this weekend, I have a new worst coaster! And the award goes to ... SFA Mind Eraser!


Now it's been a while since I've ridden an SLC, and I have gotten a bit larger since then, but I don't remember the SLC restraints being as relentlessly painful as they are on that mind eraser. I know Vekoma suspendeds have some problems with riders being able to reach up and touch the wheels, so they use various tatics to restrict arms movements... but the shoulder braces on Mind Eraser were just absolutely digging into me before it even left the station. I was screaming in pain for the entire ride. I don't really mind the roughness, but I can't stand for getting stabbed by shoulder restraints.

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I'd have to agree with Viper that ride was god awful. Also not a fan of Revolution either, but I think that has to do with the restraint system that ride uses.


Are you talking about Viper at Magic Mountain? When I rode it last year I actually really liked it, I think it may be the smoothest Arrow looper I've ever ridden besides Tennessee Tornado, Loch Ness Monster and Canyon Blaster.


If you were referring to the one at Great Adventure then nevermind, I completely agree with you.

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skyrider was my first stand up coaster.... and I didn't think it was that bad! standing airtime was a rather unique feeling.



my personal worst is coaster express at parque warner followed by a standard boomerang with old styletrains and restraints

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Manhattan Express at New York New York (seriously, this thing is un-savable)

Predator at Darien Lake (been 10+ years since I've been there, so I'd give it another chance)

Ninja at SFOG/SFSTL (burn them to the ground)

Dragon at Adventureland (Unique, but painful)

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