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  1. I can't stop thinking GOLIATH (SFOG) every time I look at the new color scheme. So many opportunities missed for this theme. I was hoping for a darker scheme, but that's just me.
  2. I mostly watch youtube from my laptop, but every once in a while I'll airplay my screen to the appleTV in my room. I really am not a fan of watching videos on my phone. I love the TPR channel for the crazy out of the way parks and coasters featured. I'll also admit I rarely do the playlist/suggested videos thing. If it's not something I'm subscribed to, I probably won't see it (unless I'm forwarded from another site which embedded it). But hey, I've subbed the TPR videos for a while now. *Edit: I also wish there was an option for reading comments. I love to read hilarious responses, but don't comment much (thanks to Google+ being shoved down my throat)
  3. Skyliner, Lakemont Park -- 73 times (most of the day, break in the middle for lunch) It was back in 1999. The ride ops that day were fantastic, re-rides going on all day. Sometimes they would let the entire train go through the station WITHOUT USING THE STATION BREAKS. Not sure how safe that was, but it was crazy fun. I was with a group of about 25-30 people that day and the park was pretty empty.
  4. I didn't really think about Flying Turns as a 2014 addition. They soft opened in 2013 after weeks and weeks of teasing its opening.
  5. ^ ^^ Ok, that makes sense. It's not something that happened to me during my ride, probably due to my posture. I'm a big guy and was kinda worried about the puny restraint over all those hills. I definitely understand Elissa's comments of the restraints not being "entirely safe" haha.
  6. I think it's fascinating to read all the Thunderbolt hate. I guess I caught a ride on one if it's better days (early evening, July) because I normally detest rough steel coasters. I found it to have medium jostle, but head-banging comments I really don't understand. What is there to bang your head on?
  7. I can't speak to Hades' condition prior to this season, but when I was there in July it was running great! Zeus was by far the roughest coaster in Wisconsin Dells.
  8. Does anyone know the last day Hurricane will be in operation? The contest deadline for the last rides ended on September 1st. *EDIT I got this from their mailing list today.
  9. Has anything been announced about the trains? Does anyone think they will be built in-house as well?
  10. Those stats are very promising! I can't count on artwork to be exact, but still I'm liking the look of the tbar lap restraints too.
  11. Oh yeah. You have to remember that El Toro was new the same year that The Voyage was new. People saw 6,400 vs 4,400 and wondered about the total length of the ride, espcially when El Toro was taller and faster. Twisted Colossus doesn't need to be identical in layout (double oval) or length for it to be a fantastic ride. It's part of the reason why I dislike calling Iron Horse projects as "renovations" when they are in reality closer to brand new projects.
  12. For a moment, I thought this thread was going to be about 54" height limits on kiddie coasters.
  13. You're missing the point. We trust the computers and technology. As others have said and pointed out we don't trust that people won't throw things, that they will run it with the correct amount of trains to keep the dueling going, etc. Just wanted to chime in on the "throwing things" concerns. The reasons IOA had to act were because the incident was highly publicized and resulted in true injury to the victim (loss of his eye). I was under the impression that the injury occurred during one of Dragon Challenge's fly-by moments where the trains were moving directly TOWARDS eachother. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think Twised Colossus has any of these. The risk of someone throwning an object at a train moving the SAME direction as their own train is far less than a fly-by moment. EDIT: Six Flags may still choose to ignore this and de-sync the trains, but I'm trying to hope for the best.
  14. Six Flags had been giving clues and hints towards something loop-ish. The larson giant loop idea started floating around for the past week. I'll be honest that I dismissed the idea at first. But hey, at least it's not a parking lot coaster.
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