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  1. Since when did 1=1,000,000 He was talking about cash. I'm pretty sure it didn't cost them $1 to retrack a roller coaster. About Fury, after riding it over twenty times I have found the following aspects of the ride to be interesting: 1) The intensity- The first half of this ride is a masterpiece. I absolutely loved it. The drop is the best I've been on, and the transitions on the speed curves are nice. Going up the turnaround caused me to grey out, as did the bottom of the drop. I did not expect Fury to be this intense, to say the least. 2) The wait times- The wait peaked at about two hours on Saturday. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the line peaked at around 30 minutes. Monday morning was a walk on. 3) The airtime- The first time I rode Fury, the airtime was floater at best. I don't know what it is now (perhaps the warm weather) but the airtime is the best of any B&M in a long time. I can't imagine what the airtime would be like without that trim on the largest camelback. Also, there are surprise airtime moments on this ride. Descending down the first turn, transitioning into the second turn, etc. They all have some nice pops of airtime to them. 4) The turnaround- My favorite coaster element in a while. I understand the reason one greys out is because of loss of blood to the head. Heading up the turnaround, I grey out a little every time. The thing is, once you hit the top of the turnaround, the awesome sideways air shoots the blood right back into your head. It's one of the weirdest feelings I've experienced on a coaster. Fury 325 is an amazing ride to say the least, and it is tied for I305 for #1, and here's my main reason why: Fury has the amazing drop of Millennium Force, the speed and intensity (not quite as much) of I305, and the airtime of something like Diamondback. It's honestly a joy to ride.
  2. I said the line may approach two hours, and it did. The longest wait today was two hours.
  3. It was awesome! It evoked a unique sideways-airtime feeling, was absolutely great.
  4. It is definitely better than MF, but I have it tied with i305 for my #1 spot.
  5. Exactly what he said. The whole ride is faster than it looks on POV.
  6. Fury was amazing! Might just be my new #1! The first half is blistering speed, and the second half has some strong floater air, and the awesome B&M restraints make it all the more better! The dive under the bridge was fantastic, and the drop was great as well. Surpassed my expectations!Let me add that the food is great this year also. Entrance was very spacious, wish it had a little more shade though for those hot days.
  7. Carowinds is never that crowded. An hour is the most it could be.
  8. Line for Fury will be 20-40 minutes, it won't even approach an hour. Intimidator never gets above 30 minutes either. Nighthawk is one of those rides you MUST ride early in the day as lines approach 1-2 hours at midday. The rest are fairly tame lines as well, as Carowinds is never really THAT crowded. Afterburn is a stud though, make sure you don't forget it.
  9. Obviously it has some force to it as the top of one of the dummies popped off today.
  10. It's not sped up, it's just that fast. (this is originally my video but it's been reused)
  11. Dare I say it but that looked like ejector airtime on a B&M.
  12. I don't think the line will be more than an hour, maybe a bit more (at the most). Opening day 2010 Intimidator's line never even approached an hour.
  13. I don't remember the part where I "cited" Wikipedia. I was treating it as a joke rather, if you could not tell.
  14. According to Wikipedia the coaster is 465 feet heigh and 160 mph. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_roller_coaster_rankings
  15. Anaconda is still down today. Any idea what's going on? I haven't managed to get a ride on it in my 3 trips there and would like to get one in tommorow before I head to Dorney.
  16. So Fury 325 just didn't do it for you, huh? You're right. A 325-foot, 95mph coaster that is 6,602 feet in length looks very "meh" and uninteresting. Okay. Here's my rant. I understand that the majority of the comments on here are positive about Fury 325, but this rant is for those who consider this to be "boring", "meh", and any other negative, judgmental word you can think of (I say judgmental because none of us have ridden it yet...of course). I don't know about other people, but lately, I have been getting pretty bothered about everyone trashing every single new B&M coaster in that last few years. Why do enthusiasts constantly think that every new coaster to be built in the world at any theme park in the future has to be OMG KICK YOUR A$$ AMAZING??? We ride roller coasters for enjoyment and fun, not to train to become an astronaut In my opinion, Fury 325 looks like the best B&M ever built. What is there not to like? It has an ENORMOUS drop at 81 degrees (literally free falling 300 feet to the ground), it goes 95mph, it is a LONG ride, and it looks like it has some decent airtime. Oh yeah, airtime. Does this coaster look like it will have OMG EJECTOR airtime? No. Does it have to? NO. I happen to LOVE floater airtime a lot. And especially with the open, comfiness of B&M Hypers, it is such a great feeling! It frustrates me when people say "no airtime" when they really mean "-0.02 Gs". If you can manage to ride a roller coaster that crests and hill and drops back down without lifting up our of your seat at all, let me know, because congratulations, you are able to defy the laws of physics, and I will totally respect you for that. So strap yourself in, throw your hands up, and enjoy the ride! If enthusiasts are going to be disappointed and uninterested with a 325-foot monster, then I personally don't see the point in being an enthusiast anymore. I don't know about you, but I would rather have 325-foot behemoths (no pun intended) be built than Mega-Lite clones at every park. Diversity and originality is what makes being an enthusiast so much fun! Okay, rant over. Had to let off a little steam. Thank you, I am so sick of these "meh" comments. This ride looks spectacular, and I'm glad to live 2 minutes from it. Ejector airtime or not, this ride looks intense, and the drop and turnaround are awesome. Color scheme is great as well.
  17. I think its sad I only got to ride Colossus twice, but I am glad I got to while I could. Gonna really miss it, yet I am looking forward to whatever will be revealed August 28.
  18. We've been over this. The teal and yellow is for the Carowinds Giga.
  19. Keep in mind the $50 million could be a bonus to what Carowinds was already willing to spend prior to the extra money. (The 50 million from Cedar Fair). So this could be more than just $50 million.
  20. Okay, this conversation is over. Please carry on with your life.
  21. You genuinely don't see a difference in posting... "Hey guys, Jarsh from Carowinds Connection posted the entire ride layout. Here it is..." and what you typed...? I'll give you a quick hint. You gave ZERO credit to Jarsh (another poster who posted his knowledge publicly, unknowing to him that someone would plagiarize it as their own). You made it sound like you have the President of Cedar Fair calling you up when in actuality, you are just a member of Carowinds Connection and nothing more. I didn't know I was making myself sound like the "President of Cedar Fair", but I was just confirming things that many people were denying. It is in fact a B&M and I used what Jarsh said to prove that. I'm sorry if I gave him "no credit". I never said it was my own knowledge, but that I had heard it from a reliable source. (Jarsh) Anyway, the B&M/Intamin debate is over. And I will give Jarsh all the credit in the world from now on, if that's what floats your boat.
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