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  1. places with coasters on RCDB Dudley Zoo West midlands safari park Treasure island amusement park reasonable theme parks: West midlands safari park Drayton Manor Alton towers
  2. If when the rides over, I'm thinking "Again, Again", and jumping up and down like a Teletubby, that's enough for me!
  3. I305 had a particularly vicious trim when I rode it in 2012
  4. New to me: Polar X-plorer - legoland billund - Everything 13 should have been, the section before the drop is great fun. Thunderbird - powerpark - Good, but not the best GCI Salama - Linnanmaki - I love me some maurer spinning! New for 2013: Orkanen - Farup sommerland - A great family coaster Juvelen - Djurs sommerland - May have been higher, but we only got one ride on it. Smiler - Alton towers - I have a strange liking for gerstlauer and inversions Rerides: Nemesis (at) Piraten (djurs) Saw the ride (thorpe) Rethemed since last time: X - thorpe park (was X:no way out, cars turned forwards) Raptor attack - Lightwater valley (Was rat ride, now has dinosaurs!)
  5. Shambhala - Seems to be a bit more about "speed" than airtime, The ampersand turnaround is great though - I liked it Silver Star - Have ridden (a few times each) on 2 occasions - 1st time about 6 years ago, none to speak of - the "slalom" bit was the highlight - rode in 2012, and it had LOADS of airtime - beautiful sustained floater on every hill! I 305 - depends what the trims are up to! in 2012 there wasn't much except on the first drop - still loved it though! Millenium Force - not much Apollo's chariot - a little floater here and there -- Kanonen - I was too busy bracing myself for pain to notice! Saw-The Ride - there's the odd little pop here and there, not really meant to be an air machine though Vliegende Hollander - not much, but not meant to be an air machine Fluch von Novgorod - not a lot
  6. That's terrible English - you should say "They ain't never done no harm to you" Anyway - my rant is I got my new passport today, why is it that in this day and age they can't get a decent looking picture in there? The one I sent in doesn't look too bad at all!
  7. 2 of mine: Quantum of solace The lawnmower man
  8. You might be a coaster nerd if you read this thread saying "that's me, yep , I do that, oh yes..." etc.
  9. Granted - you see all those parks, but don't ride anything! I wish there was a great roller coaster nearby I could ride right now!
  10. Santa's been great this year - he got me some niiiiice stuff from oz! I'll post a pic of the swan when I've made it - it's a little tricky! (edit - posted wrong pic!)
  11. Glad you like em - Unfortunately the second bottle of beer got left behind due to the weight!
  12. On my first christmas, My great grandad bought me a huge grey wooly scarf, and a couple of years later a jumper which was big enough to fit the whole family. More recently was the USB cup warmers I got 2 of.
  13. Even If I've got a car or nearby hotel I can leave everything in, I still like to take a rucksack (or similar) with me, usually containing a bottle of water, some snacks and maybe a camera, and I don't go anywhere without my fanny pack with mobile phone in. Also- As a glasses wearer, I've started bringing an older pair into parks "just in case they get damaged". I tend to do a lot of trips using public transport though, so I'll usually have the stuff I took on the journey with me (MP3 player, chunky headphones, ds etc.) - and will try and leave these in an all day locker - but still take a smaller bag around.
  14. Have 25 comments been reached yet? and do you award the bag o crap to the best comment, or a random one?
  15. Starting from the best: Really good _____\ Burgers AND ________\ Tacos __________\ Kick in __________\ Hot dogs Burgers ---------/ Buritos -------------- / ----------------- / the nuts --------- / ............................(equal)
  16. Got mine sent out on wednesday - unfortunately a bit lighter than planned because the post office has a 2kg limit on parcels! and mines arrived from australia at mum and dads place - and apparantly contains "puzzles and sweets" - goody!
  17. I'm in! I like Jigsaws and puzzles, big huge park t shirts, holidays, little gadgets and theme park tat. (note that I'm not expecting a holiday from santa, I just thought you'd like to know!) chocolates (including Peanut butter m and ms) are always appreciated, but not too many as I'm diabetic
  18. Oakwood's a real pain - one of the few UK parks with no bus service at all!
  19. 46, and 2 spitings! (also - They've got the wrong bizarro!)
  20. I sat in first class on the train today - I was going to pay the weekend upgrade, but the ticket guy didn't come round so I saved a tenner!
  21. what about roller soaker and flying super saturator? horrendous throughput and reliability throughout!
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