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  1. Wait, I thought you weren't going back to the park until Shockwave reopened. that's when I was thinking it would be just a few weeks. now that I know it will be all summer i'm going to go enjoy the other rides. sounds like pandemonium, shockwave and NTAG will all be closed though. still I can try TSS and ride the 42" requirement rides with my son. the real reason is we have merlin annual passes that expire this weekend. we won't be renewing as LEGOLAND Discovery Center is pretty lame. we really like SeaLife though.
  2. In spite of this news I'm still headed down to the park this weekend. I was afraid it would be busy but now I'm thinking it won't be.
  3. Large riders don't allow the rides to lock. It is possible that it locked just enough to stay down but then came open. That is most likely based on what we've heard.
  4. I'm reading stuff online about her being larger and that being the issue. Just speculation but that has happened before. I believe the rapids death was mid 90s. Raft deflated and a jet blew it over
  5. Thursday night will probably be the best time. I've never had to wait long on a Thursday night. Just waulk in and go counter clockwise. That way when you get to titan, ntag and LA vibora its later and even more cleared out. Batman will probably be the longest wait. Near the shockwave you can get panda express which for me is good at a park. The rice helps keep the stomach calm lol. If you view the park as a clock and the entrance at 6pm then panda is roughly at 1130 lol. As far as seats my wife said the front left of the titan is a must. At the mid course breaks it feels like you will fall out.
  6. I'm headed down this Friday or Sunday. Hopefully its not too busy or hot. A lot to ask for in July. This will be my first time to ride TSS.
  7. Freeze is unfortunately still running backwards in Texas. Not sure about STL
  8. NTAG and TSS are more than worth the drive down. My son is only 44" so the shockwave is a big part of our trip. This is the first month I haven't gone in a long time.
  9. I was thinking about going this friday but wihtout an ETA on the shockwave's return I can't come back. it's not worth the drive if i can't ride my favorite SFoT coaster
  10. Thinking about a Midwest park tour. I live in OKC and I'm looking for stuff north of here that I could travel to in a specific order. SDC, StL, Great America, holiday park in IN, and what else?
  11. I've never heard of this park but a quick google search has me very intrigued.
  12. On my way back from San Antonio I took i30 by six flags. There was lightning so no rides were running. We were going to go back Sunday but my wife and I weren't feeling great. I'm disappointed I'll have to wait a few more weeks for TSS
  13. Silver Bullet at FC, Shockwave at SFOT or Runaway Mine Train at SFOT. My kid can only ride a few rides at sfot so we abuse them. Usually 6-7 rides on mine train over visit and a few on shock wave
  14. There aren't many rides. Just plan to hit the shows early and then ride during the later shows. The park almost empties during the shows. My favorite part was the Cannery Row Caper.
  15. Record rainfall with 12"+ and closed interstates. I was going to go ton the gold pass opening at 9:30 but left. Flash floods and tornado warnings are for Oklahoma not my trip to Texas. I'm on my way to Arlington
  16. From what I hear this area is in a drought and its rained the entire time we've been in Texas. Flash flood warnings in San Antonio. We were at the park from open to close but it rained 3 hours. I missed out on superman. I'll be making a return trip later just for the day. Then head back to Arlington the next day.
  17. I would like to thank Jamie for making my trip worth it. I didn't have anyone to ride irat with and was backing out so he got on and pumped me up. He made me ride in the back which was incredibly intense. I think I screamed the entire ride. I couldn't keep my hands up because the airtime made me feel like I needed to hang on. He offered me the chance to keep riding uninterrupted as the park was closed. I declined because I was literally seeing stars from my first ride. I think I'll regret not taking uninterrupted rides from any seats I want though. I told him I was going to post our ride photo but the camera was broke. The attendant said it needs calibrated.
  18. Currently hiding from the rain. San Antonio hasn't been very welcoming. Hopefully it clears up soon and is nice tomorrow
  19. The entrance to the park is quite hectic. Ticket lines and entrance lines all mixed together. Kudos to SFOT for separating the two
  20. Frontier City was hit by a tornado in 1998 though.
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