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  1. Very excited to hear of this new game! I have two main questions: 1) I'm a RCT3 addict (like many others on this forum) so I'm really hoping for a full theme park simulation with guests and control over operations. Will those features be available? 2) Will you make the game available on Steam? That would be awesome!
  2. I like both firms. I vote for B&M because of the reliability/safety factor.
  3. I have to say Disney's Tower of Terror! It's not the most intense, but I love the concept and the atmosphere! Also, I just can't wait to see the Lex Luthor Drop of Doom in action!
  4. Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure and Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando!!!
  5. I am just so excited for this ride... Did you guys notice how FAST it goes up to the top in the video?
  6. It reaches speeds of 85mph during the drop. Very impressive! And a 5-second freefall is a VERY LONG freefall!!!
  7. 415 FEET IS VERY HIGH LOL! This is the perfect addition!! I really like the fact that they are building it on the side of Superman - The Escape. It makes it that much more awesome. The side-by-side themes (Lex Luthor VS Superman) are a great concept. I can't wait to try it out even though I'll be SO scared on the way to the top.. It will totally be worth it I'm sure! Hahaha 415feet drop tower... I still can't believe it LOL...!!! AWESOME!!!
  8. OMG looks awesome! And going through that keyhole at the last second...!! Thrilling!!
  9. Seriously guys... you have no idea how much I laughed watching that video hahahahaha!!! IT IS SO HILARIOUS!!!
  10. And it is still one of the worst SLCs out there. Even if they changed the name and the park lol. The ride shakes so much it hurts!
  11. Seems like the Boomerang coaster is closed often.. One of my friends went to the park this year and also said it was closed. Also, remember that incident from last summer when the restraints popped up open in the middle of the ride? http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=56209 By the way, I really hate that SLC ride Ednor. I'm not a fan of Vekoma coasters.. but this ride is NOT smooth at all. Anyways, I remember not having fun riding it. I like the Goliath. Not the best coaster ever, but airtime is fun and the view is nice!
  12. Whoa it takes a looong time to get to the top! I'm pretty sure I would be freaking out all the way up even more than during the actual drop haha!
  13. That's very bad news. The dueling is what makes the ride unique. Surely isn't going to be the same thing if the trains don't meet at the intersections. It just seems odd that these problems are reported now that the ride is branded "Harry Potter".. And aren't people supposed to secure items before riding?
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