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The Best Woodie under 75 feet Tall

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I can't believe no one has mentioned the Cannonball at Lake Winnie in GA. Maybe you haven't experienced it, but it kicks total a$$. The airtime is great and the last jump into the station is amazing! It feels like the whole train comes off the track. Good times and great oldies!


We must have ridden a different coaster. I loved Lake Winnie so much, I'm almost a closet fanboy, but Cannonball is still probably one of the most "meh" woodies I've ever been on. I rode all over the train and I don't think my ass left the seat once. It was a fun little coaster, but that's just it... a fun, little coaster. Maybe I missed something. I'll of course give it another ride when I'm in the area again, but I can't see a coaster that had no airtime the last time I rode it suddenly having amazing airtime now. Any secrets about where to ride?

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My top 5, more or less, are:


1. Coaster (Playland)

2. Giant Dipper (SCBB)

3. Cyclops (Mt. Olympus)

4. Coaster Thrill Ride (Puyallup Fair)

5. Cornball Express (Indiana Beach)


What these have in common is great airtime. Coaster features intense airtime on nearly every drop. Giant Dipper provides a similar airtime experience, but it feels much less dangerous and more simply "fun". Cyclops has not only "THE drop", but some solid airtime on one or two preceding hills as well. Coaster Thrill ride has some average airtime throughout its course plus a "THE drop" that rivals any other. Finally, while I didn't fully "get" Cornball Express, it does have some satisfying airtime in a couple spots.

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Coaster @ PNE Playland. It's already my favorite woodie. But that ride is just amazing. Extreme airtime on every hill along with some damn good laterals. A really good package all under 75 feet.

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Easily Cornball Express, that ride is awesome, and it's amazing that it is only 55ft tall. It's really a perfect example of bigger doesn't mean better. Lost Coaster is also pretty good, although it is more for the WTF ride it gives. It is a fun ride, and it does things a wooden coaster, well any coaster, just shouldn't do.

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Wow, I had no idea that Cornball Express is only 55 feet tall. That first drop is wicked.


With that said, I believe my two favorite coasters under 75 feet would have to be Cornball and Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain (yeah...both at the same park). Cornball packs an amazing layout into an unbelievably small area, while LCoSM is just plain, whacky fun.

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