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The Best Woodie under 75 feet Tall

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The Coaster at Playland is the most awesome woodie I have ridden at any height and clearly within this height range. The awesome airtime is not comparable to ANY other woodie i have ridden. The back seat on that thing is such an ejector its actually scary the first time you ride it, especially with that bar about a foot above yoru waist as the only thing holding you in. I cant say enough abaout that coaster, maybe my favorite of all coasters. Amazing considering the rest of that park is pretty tame with nothing really of note. My other top low woodies would be Santa Cruz Giant Dipper, Puyallup Fair Coaster, and the Yankee Cannonball.

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Like someone said before, if you could of made this the best woodie under 80-feet tall, then Phoenix would be the hands-down winner!


+ 1 x 10^23.


Phoenix is 78ft tall, but it only has a 72' drop!

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I also forgot to mention the Ghoster Coasters(or whatever they are called now, I can't keep up with the name changes) at Carowinds, Kings Island and Kings Dominion. For being kiddie woodies they do really feel like a real wood coaster. I think they are a good start for most young kids and fun, even for adults.

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Kennywood's Jack Rabbit and Lakeside's Cyclone have insane airtime for their size. On Cyclone, you will go at least a foot out of your seat (Possible because there's no lap bar; only a loose belt) on the first hill. The rest of the coaster is "okay", but that airtime pop in the front seat makes up for it all.


PS I don't know if Cyclone makes the cut or not...looks around 70 feet, but I don't know exactly.

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Of the 35 or so we've ridden, Santa Cruz BB's Giant Dipper takes it (6th overall woodie on our list), though I might argue that Phoenix is much higher on our list at 78ft TALL, with a 72ft DROP.




1. Voyage

2. El Toro

3. Phoenix

4. Ravine Flyer 2

5. GhostRider

6. SCBB Giant Dipper

7. Lightning Racers

8. Terminator: Salvation

9. Jackrabbit

10. Raven

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