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The Best Woodie under 75 feet Tall

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Even though it does seem to be a hair outside the parameters, I have to give it up for the Pheonix. Kennywood's Jack Rabbit, with that rip-roaring double-dip, is a close second.


But I've never been to Indiana Beach (dying to go), and I'm digging all the Cornball Express love...

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I was surprised to notice that including coasters under 80' actually would not change my top 5. Can't wait to ride Phoenix!


By the way, honorable mentions under 75' for me would include Outlaw and maybe even Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain...that one has some fun drops.

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I've only been on two woodies under 75', which are Cannon Ball at Lake Winnie and Swamp Fox at Family Kingdom. Of the two, it's honestly hard to pick a favorite. I grew up with Swamp Fox, and even after all these years, it's fairly smooth, has good pops of airtime, and is well-paced. Cannon Ball is a little bit shorter than Swamp Fox, but it's smooth as glass, and the small hill right after the first drop had some amazing airtime.


I guess, mostly for sentimental value, my favorite would be Swamp Fox.

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I'd say San Diego's Giant Dipper would be my personal favorite. That ride is crazy at night!


Also, I've always been curious about this...I always see people saying that Santa Cruz's Giant Dipper is much better, which I completely don't understand. I've been on both within the past year, and whereas I found Belmont's GD to be fast and exciting with some great pops of air, SCBB's was just...average at best. Hell, I have it ranked one above CGA's Grizzly on my Mitch Hawker poll if I remember correctly. Maybe I just don't "get" it.

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^There is actually a thread about that!


I've only ridden the SCBB Dipper, and I absolutely love it! I found it to have strong airtime on nearly every drop. However, I don't consider the coaster "intense" at all...just "fun". Even the stand-up airtime didn't really make me feel like I'd be thrown. Maybe it's the Morgan trains (which don't bother me at all, but perhaps are a little less open than some of the other trains with shared lap bars).

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El Toro at Plohn is awesome, but it might be disqualified due to its height of 80' (it's drop is only 70' though). Otherwise it'd be my pick, as it packs a ton into its small layout, and it's highly rerideable.


Coaster at Playland is pretty crazy. It has insane airtime on the drops due to the lapbars that fall well above your lap, forceful turns, cool trains, and it's older (1958). It does take a good bit of defensive riding to really enjoy it though, as it's almost too much.


Cyclops and Jack Rabbit both have some great airtime, but for both it's just the one drop that's really the highlight of the ride (though Cyclops is still a pretty good ride for a rest of it). Joris en de Draak is fun, not on par with German El Toro in intensity, but the dueling aspect is nice. I haven't been on Cornball Express, so I can't compare with it.

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