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The Best Woodie under 75 feet Tall

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Roar-O-Saurus at Story Land. Hard to believe that ride is only 40 feet tall with how much fun it packs in.


I agree Roar-o-saurus is amazing. Just a bit better than Wooden Warrior since it's a longer ride.


Actually, it's not longer. They're both 1240 ft long and 30 seconds from the top of the lift to brakes.


If you think it's better, I won't argue as I have only ridden WW.

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In looking at the POV ( like I said, I've only ridden WW) I think I can agree with this. Pretty much after the bunny hill after the tunnel on WW it's over, but Roar o saurus doesn't seem to let up. If it packs more of a punch than WW I'd definitely like to take a spin on it. Either way, I'm blown away by what Gravity Group is doing with these tiny woodies these days!

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Going to cheat here, since I've only been on a few woodies under 75ft, and therefore, I am going to extend my selection to all wooden coasters under 85ft (I haven't ridden Phoenix yet, so there is no danger of going just over 75 ft).


American Thunder (82ft)

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Invadr was a fun ride but my vote would go to Thunderbolt at Kennywood with Cyclops at Mt. Olympus as my #2. For its age, Thunderbolt is surprisingly smooth which is a reflection of how well the park takes care of it.

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Thunderbolt is a great ride. I was bummed to find out they had seat belts added, but the laterals are still that ride's bread and butter.


I have a new king of the small hill, Cornball Express. The world's top roller coaster in 2002 according to ThemeParkCritic.com (a fact the park is very proud of lol) is absolutely amazing. I hadn't heard much about that coaster in a long time, but that ride gave some of the most intense air I've encountered and it was all just with buzz bars.

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