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  1. My two favorites: HADES!!! American Eagle!!! ADMIN EDIT! Please try to refrain from hotlinking to other site's photos when TPR's Park Index contains nearly 45,000 ride photos!
  2. The alpine coaster looks fun! The one in Glenwood Caverns, Colorado was amazing!!!
  3. I love Hades and Cyclops.... probably the best two coasters ever built!
  4. Out of the ones I've been on: 1.Cyclops 2.Cornball Express 3.Outlaw 4.Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain 5.Blue Streak 6.Little Dipper 5.Meteor
  5. It is an awesome park, and Evel is amazing. BTW, Nice title and avatar!
  6. We had a "bridge party" during the storm Viper ERT was awesome with the tracks wet!
  7. I doubt you're getting Chang because Great America has had plans for it for a long time.
  8. Coasterdynamix is awesome. http://www.coasterdynamix.com/ I did this with my Griffon kit: http://jcoaster95.com/SkyDiver.aspx
  9. I can't wait for the 500 foot intamin Also, that other track is for an X-car with a 300 foot inversion
  10. They better paint it and/or add theming. It looks ugly right now.
  11. So, I ordered the 24 dvd set the last day you could get it. How long does it usually take to ship? I'm in illinois.
  12. Would it be possible to order just the coaster footage disks for $50?
  13. WTF?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!? Are they trying to get less business?!?!? I saw this, and I thought "Awesome! I have to get to the UK to ride this!". But It's not worth it if I have to wait a year AND only get one ride!!! With this combined with the "No hands up because of BO thing" at Thorpe park, They completely turned me off. Good job Merlin.
  14. That 3 in a row on Raging Bull was awesome! I actually went twice that weekend, since there were no lines. I can't believe how many times you could ride anything without leaving your seat!
  15. Hmm... I don't remember SheiKra being red and turquoise and being called "Kumba"
  16. Thanks, mindbender does look really cool, i'm not sure if I would ever go there though, since I live near six flags great America, and can just drive to MOA. Is it worth it to go to West Edmonton mall? btw, the thing I liked about spongebob was the awesome drop.
  17. I've only been to Mall of America, How is Minebender compared to Spongebob, and Galaxy orbiter compared to Fairly Odd Coaster/Timberland Twister?
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