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The Best Woodie under 75 feet Tall

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El Toro at Plohn is awesome, but it might be disqualified due to its height of 80' (it's drop is only 70' though). Otherwise it'd be my pick, as it packs a ton into its small layout, and it's highly rerideable.


Coaster at Playland is pretty crazy. It has insane airtime on the drops due to the lapbars that fall well above your lap, forceful turns, cool trains, and it's older (1958). It does take a good bit of defensive riding to really enjoy it though, as it's almost too much.


Cyclops and Jack Rabbit both have some great airtime, but for both it's just the one drop that's really the highlight of the ride (though Cyclops is still a pretty good ride for a rest of it). Joris en de Draak is fun, not on par with German El Toro in intensity, but the dueling aspect is nice. I haven't been on Cornball Express, so I can't compare with it.

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Another vote for SCBB Giant Dipper here. Not that I have all that many wooden coasters to compare it to, let alone ones that are under 75 feet tall, but it's still a great ride at any height.

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The best woodie under 75 feet tall is the Judge Roy Scream. The ride tops out at 71 feet with a 65 foot drop. It's a small classic out-and-back coaster, but it packs a punch throughout its many hills. If you want a smooth ride, sit in the front row of course. Sit in the back and expect a nice pop of airtime on every hill after the second drop.

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I will have to say the Jackrabbit at Kennywood. Using less lumber as possible, using the advantage of being placed on a hill, and the best usuage of the "double dip" - I love this ride so much. In fact, last time I visited Kennywood, I rode it four times - two times when I entered the park and two more times before leaving the park.


As for favorite kiddie woodie, that will have to be King's Dominion's Roller Ghoster (former known as The Scooby Doo Roller Ghoster). It may be small and it may be short, but it still gives one heck of a ride.


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1. Coaster (Playland)

2. Giant Dipper (SCBB)

3. Cyclops

4. Wooden Warrior

5. Yankee Cannonball


I've ridden over 20 coasters that fall into this category, but these five are the only ones in my top 25 woodies.

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Definitely Giant Dipper, even though it is the only woodie I have rode that is under 75', it is a fun coaster IF you get the front, the back of each car, I guess wheel seats are really rough and horrible.

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