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  1. Thanks Thunder! Glad you like it! ------------------------- 1980 Season 3 Hey guys - I headed out to the park today for opening day. I knew I couldn't wait after I read the announcement about Inverter! It'll be my first looping coaster! Check out these photos from my day: I made sure to pick up a map on the way in. The park sure has grown over the last few years! I immediately ran back to the new area - it was already super busy! The line was long, but I made sure to get a few rides in on Inverter. That first drop goes right into the loop; it was rea
  2. Great Job! Is this all built by hand? Can't wait to see more!
  3. ^^You've improved a lot! I'd suggest some different footers on the coaster first of all, maybe the ones in DasMatze's utilities. Simple but useful. Also mcjaco is right, the building could use a bit of work. It looks like you're using the Rock Side Lagoon Set. Maybe add the overhangs and change the color. You could also use the broken roofs if you want every once in a while, to make it a bit more interesting. Just some suggestions. Great start though!
  4. Congrats TPR! You don't get this far without being an awesome site!
  5. ^^Not bitching, its a great idea! I was just wondering...
  6. They're nice, but is that position permanent? It looks like they shrunk the post area.
  7. Morey's Piers planning GCI woodie for 2013! Photo from NJ.com For additional details and park history: NJ.com
  8. Hong Kong Disneyland, March Ocean Park, March Siam Park City, March Universal Studios Florida, May Islands of Adventure, May Coming Up: Cedar Point!
  9. Newport Pleasure Gardens isn't dead! We will return from this brief hiatus on Monday, March 9, with our Season 3 Announcement. All comments will also be replied to at that time. Thanks for your support! Stay tuned...
  10. ^^Thanks! It is not functional, its just foam. Glad you like it!
  11. Ocean Park Hong Kong, China Overall, Ocean Park was nice, but it wasn't quite what I had hoped it would be. Regardless, it was a fun day: We started out with the aquarium when we got there, which was interesting but not quite as exciting as some of the park's other offerings. We stopped into the panda exhibit after that, where there were separate habitats for several pandas, yet only one was on display. Regardless, it was very cute. After these two stops, we hopped on the Cable Car to the other side of the park. On the other side, we made sure to hit up all of the unique rides. By
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