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  1. Thanks Thunder! Glad you like it! ------------------------- 1980 Season 3 Hey guys - I headed out to the park today for opening day. I knew I couldn't wait after I read the announcement about Inverter! It'll be my first looping coaster! Check out these photos from my day: I made sure to pick up a map on the way in. The park sure has grown over the last few years! I immediately ran back to the new area - it was already super busy! The line was long, but I made sure to get a few rides in on Inverter. That first drop goes right into the loop; it was really intense! These corkscrews were great right over the water. I have a feeling this will be a signature shot some day... I made sure to stick around after most people had left for the day. It sure is beautiful at night! I'll be back soon, time permitting. Exams are setting in again, so we'll see. I'm also going to apply for a summer job at the park this year. Wish me luck! -Jimmy MOD EDIT: We've locked this thread as gcii2011 has created mutliple accounts to troll. Sorry guys. It's a shame, as this was a wonderful park and he really improved as he went along.
  2. Great Job! Is this all built by hand? Can't wait to see more!
  3. ^^You've improved a lot! I'd suggest some different footers on the coaster first of all, maybe the ones in DasMatze's utilities. Simple but useful. Also mcjaco is right, the building could use a bit of work. It looks like you're using the Rock Side Lagoon Set. Maybe add the overhangs and change the color. You could also use the broken roofs if you want every once in a while, to make it a bit more interesting. Just some suggestions. Great start though!
  4. Congrats TPR! You don't get this far without being an awesome site!
  5. ^^Not bitching, its a great idea! I was just wondering...
  6. They're nice, but is that position permanent? It looks like they shrunk the post area.
  7. Morey's Piers planning GCI woodie for 2013! Photo from NJ.com For additional details and park history: NJ.com
  8. Hong Kong Disneyland, March Ocean Park, March Siam Park City, March Universal Studios Florida, May Islands of Adventure, May Coming Up: Cedar Point!
  9. Newport Pleasure Gardens isn't dead! We will return from this brief hiatus on Monday, March 9, with our Season 3 Announcement. All comments will also be replied to at that time. Thanks for your support! Stay tuned...
  10. ^^Thanks! It is not functional, its just foam. Glad you like it!
  11. Ocean Park Hong Kong, China Overall, Ocean Park was nice, but it wasn't quite what I had hoped it would be. Regardless, it was a fun day: We started out with the aquarium when we got there, which was interesting but not quite as exciting as some of the park's other offerings. We stopped into the panda exhibit after that, where there were separate habitats for several pandas, yet only one was on display. Regardless, it was very cute. After these two stops, we hopped on the Cable Car to the other side of the park. On the other side, we made sure to hit up all of the unique rides. By that, I mean rides we don't have at my home park, Cedar Point. First stop after lunch at the Terrace Café (which was delicious) was the Flash, which was a lot of fun. It also gave a great, albeit distorted, view of the massive expansion project. Hair Raiser looks great by the way, check it out below. After that, we headed down to Mine Train, which was mostly just good for the view. Also, this park was quite run down compared to other areas - I hope they're planning to fix this part of the park up. We headed towards the Dragon next, which I did want to try despite all of the bad things I'd heard about it. This area of the park was a lot nicer, and was much more populated as well. The Dragon, not surprisingly, had no line, so we hopped on. Actually, the ride was much better than I was expecting, probably because I had set my expectations so low. It could have been my defensive riding, but either way, I wouldn't be completely opposed to re-riding it. Just to be clear - this does not mean it is a good coaster, just better than I was expecting After a few laps on Eagle, their Condor ride, we headed up to the train station to catch the tram back down the mountain. The park was about to close, so we didn't have time for some of the other rides in the area. Regardless, it was a lot of fun and the tram itself felt very nice and new, although I definitely prefer the Cable Car. We got to the other side of the park just as the new Symbio show was starting. Stupid me though - I had no idea that it was new or special, so I unfortunately don't have any pictures or a video. Sorry! Regardless, it was a good park overall, and I'd love to go back once the renovations are complete! For additional thoughts, visit the report on my new blog: Park Impressions Onto the pictures: Welcome to Ocean Park! A view of the Grand Aquarium, centerpiece of the Aqua City renovations. The balloon wasn't running due to the wind. The aquarium was very well done. "I'm gonna eat your face!" This guy couldn't stop smiling The octopus looks hungry... Onto the panda! Er... part of him, anyway. The park had this logo carved into the mountain! Looking out on the South China Sea from the cable car. We could still see some of the city, though. Looks like progress on Hair Raiser! Here's a few more views (sorry for the bars) I wasn't planning on bursting into flames... We stopped for lunch at the Terrace Café. The view was amazing of course! From the deck, I managed to get a few more (hopefully better) shots of Hair Raiser. As far as I could tell, trackwork was complete. I *think* this is the rapids ride, but it looks nice no matter what! We stopped for lunch at the Terrace Café. First stop - Flash! There it goes! This thing was not ideal right after lunch! We headed down to Mine Train after that. It really is a terrain coaster - not like there's any other choice at this park! They also had a cute, accurate little statue of the ride out front Back at the top of the mountain, we got an overview of the rest of the park. We dragged ourselves onto the Dragon. The Eagle was a lot of fun too, especially with the terrifying setting! We ran out of time for Abyss. We hopped on the tram and headed out after that. Good Night, Ocean Park! Next up: Siam Park City, Bangkok, Thailand Did I mention that it was on the side of the mountain?!
  12. Tiger01: Just edit the file name and take off the .bak extension. It should just be a .dat file after that.
  13. 1979 Hey guys, Today was my last day at the park for the season. Nothing too exciting while I was there, but I did see something in the paper. Looks like the park is already planning for next year. I've got a picture, but other than that, I was busy riding everything one last time. For the last day of the season, the park was actually pretty busy. Looks like the park is running one last train on Monstrum. The rides in Mine Town are a lot of fun, but the area sure is nice too. Hill Runner really was a great addition to the park this year. I had to get a few rides in for myself after that! The view from the pier is simply stunning. It sure will be a long winter, but I can't wait to see what the park adds for next year! On that note, look at what made front page news: We'll have to wait and see! See you next year, -Jimmy
  14. Ok, I should have clarified. What I'm looking for has hints of the styles of popular 70s artists like Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John. They don't all have the same sound, but something that blends their styles well is what I'm looking for. Something that feels distinctly American and reminiscent of the 70's is what I'm looking for.
  15. Good guess. You'll have to wait and see! Thanks Ace! Glad you liked it ---------------------------------------- 1979 Hey guys, I went out to the park today to try to get some more pictures of the cleared area. There was no new progress, but I expect we'll see an announcement soon as the season is almost up. Other than that, it was another rainy day at the park today. Take a look: I started out my day with a ride on Hill Runner. The ride really is growing on me! Once the rain started in, however, Mine Town started to clear out. It was already pouring by the time I'd taken a few pictures. The only thing scarier than Monstrum? Skies like those! At least these guys are covered! I wasn't the only one heading out of the park after that. I'm gonna try to get back to the park once more, but I'll have to see what I can do. I'm expecting more homework now that I'm a sophomore, but we'll see. I'll do my best to get in one more visit! -Jimmy
  16. Is there any way you could do something like Traditional American, with patriotic bits and stuff? Trying to create a "Town Square" area in my park. All of your work is fantastic!
  17. ^Thanks! ------------- 1979 Hey everybody! Today was a very interesting day at the park! I witnessed a ride malfunction for the first time, and caught a glimpse of something exciting! Check it out: I started out the day with a ride on Monstrum. What can I say, it was awesome! As I got off the ride, I saw this across the midway; Tree Gliders was smoking! It wasn't long before a crowd formed to watch the malfunction. Luckily, though, it was only a few minutes before mechanics were able to fix it, and everyone got off safely. I took a ride on Dream Tower after that, and saw this! What could the park be up to now? I'll be headed back to the park soon to find out more. Have a great day, -Jimmy
  18. Beautiful park! Sad to hear that High Flyin' Parachutes is leaving, but I can't wait to see what comes next! Great job
  19. Thank you! I agree with you completely, I just didn't realize at first how it might look to viewers. Thanks for pointing this out. I want to keep updating regularly, so I'll try to make it more interesting. Thanks so much! Thank you! I tried recording a POV, but it crashed my computer! Actually, this happens anytime I record anything. If someone with a better computer than I would be willing to film a POV, let me know via PM. ---------------------------------------------- 1979 Hey guys! I'm working on our family's annual Summer Scrapbook this year, so I decided that it wouldn't be right not to include Newport Pleasure Gardens! Plus, it gave me a great excuse to head back to the park and take a lot of pictures! I headed back to Mine Town right away. It was surprisingly busy! Unfortunately, it was raining a bit. I don't remember seeing this waterfall last time. The weather cleared up long enough for me to get a ride on Rising Smoke. I also snagged a few rides on Hill Runner. By the time I got off, the rain was starting up again. I decided not to wait around for it to clear up, so I headed out. Overall, I got some good pictures, and managed a few rides on Hill Runner and Rising Smoke. I just wish it had been a longer day! I'll be back soon! -Jimmy
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