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The Best Woodie under 75 feet Tall

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I hit up Indiana Beach for the final day of the season yesterday and I have to say that inch for inch Cornball Express has to be the best coaster out there. It definitely does the most with the least.


This got me thinking, what other relatively small coasters give amazing rides?



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Cornball is pretty friggin good


Cyclops is just INSANE (but i think elevation-wise it's a little north of 75 ft.)


and also, Judge Roy Scream (SFoT), coming in at 70ft., is one of the better ones. It doesnt really stick out, but it is a genuinely fun ride, with great speed and airtime (in parts...). It's gotten a little fiestier with age, but it's still one of my favorite woodies. Oh, and it was my first coaster

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Blue Streak at Cedar Point. I went on it expecting a mild, smooth ride like Thunderbolt at SFNE, but was majorly suprised. Great airtime on pretty much ever hill. So what if it is 78 feet and not 75 feet or under? Does 3 feet really matter that much?

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I haven't been on Phoenix, but out of the ones I have been on, definitely Cornball Express, that absolutely rocked in the back.


Cyclops at Mt Olympus is my strong second scraping in at 75' tall with a 70' drop.


Honourable mentions to Jack Rabbit and Thunderbolt (70' tall but 95' drop)at Kennywood.

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