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  1. 1. Blu-Ray 2. Amazon Prime 3. 0-1 4. Chromecast 5. Way more than the other mediums, almost exclusively YouTube
  2. In case anyone missed it, Royal Caribbean announced today that the third Quantum-class ship will be named "Ovation of the Seas"!
  3. Sorry if this has been discussed previously, but does anyone know the time of the announcement on Thursday? Thanks!
  4. I can also add that it was running last night for SFMM's Gradnite. I took two rides on it, front and back, seemed a little bit smoother than I remembered but is still completely ruined by the OTSR's and the extreme trimming.
  5. That is a Delta plane due to the seat-back pocket space shape, and considering most Delta flights in the United States have WiFi and in flight power plugs, it would be hard to specify what kind of plane they are on or where they are going. HOWEVER, they are not on the Lufthansa (Air India code-share) flight going to Frankfurt, as Lufthansa planes have different seats. I would also like to point out the recurring motif of "going west" in the pictures. In most pictures, there is a arrow or object pointing west (such as the cow on the toy machine or arrow in the airport, plus the stationary plane was facing West) and also Las Vegas and the Target are on the West coast. Coincidentally, the plane that they are boarding in Robb's picture a few minutes ago has daylight coming in, which would be impossible if they were on the East Coast (unless the photo was taken probably 40+ minutes before posting). Maybe the Detroit picture was a reference to Delta's hub there, meaning they were for sure on Delta? Who knows! I may be looking to much into this!
  6. I chose Option #1 because I feel that social media is a big part of online communities today, and even if people don't use social media (in this case, Twitter), it may still come in handy to have the sidebar for the absolute latest updates from TPR. Also I chose #1 because I felt that main feature picture on #2 was way too big and it made the page so long that you couldn't see any of the "News & Updates" and "TPR updates" columns. For these reasons, I felt #1 was the best option.
  7. I went on Saturday 10/28 and Undertow was running with no major problems from about 1:00 to 3:00 when I was there. It was about a 45 minute wait (the employee standing at the entrance was spot on) and the line seemed to move relatively fast. As for the ride, it was extremely smooth and surprisingly felt faster than I thought it would be. It is really a great addition to the boardwalk and it will be better when all the kinks are worked out!
  8. I remember a few years ago when Hurricane would be on the limited operation list instead of the Giant Dipper. In Undertow news, I still see people working on it everyday and there is now a car sitting at the bottom of the lift again and a few more in the station uncovered. Everything looks pretty much done except for removing all the construction items. I hope to see it open soon and hopefully operating on the limited operation days so I can come back!
  9. I was at the boardwalk yesterday and right before the boardwalk opened they moved a car on undertow to the bottom of the lift, I didn't see it running but around 1PM I caught a glimpse of a car going around from the other end of the boardwalk. People were on one of the MCBR after it. 3 of the cars had covers off.
  10. SFMM just announced on Facebook that Full Throttle is opening on Saturday June 22nd.
  11. Here is a picture shown on my local news showing how close it came to the back of the park. The news said that a spokeswoman for SFMM stated that the park was still open, but one ride had to be closed (presumably Apocalypse) because of the need to use the road behind the park for emergency vehicles. Sorry for the bad quality, they haven't uploaded the video online yet. Well, the fire plays nicely with Apocalypse's theme...
  12. Just got a new phone, a brand new HTC One!
  13. Washington is one of the best teams in the MLB! Great pitching and hitters. I haven't really heard anything on the Mets this year but anything can happen in baseball so it should be a good game, Washington has a great atmosphere it seems. I'm sure more people on here can fill you in with more information on players and other tips.
  14. ^^ Looks really good!! Glad to see construction picking up pace a little bit! And congrats on 3,000 pages everyone! YOLO!!!!!!
  15. ^ I read somewhere that they are planning to introduce a Flamas version (Spicy Dorito) later this year.
  16. Tried one today with some friends! I thought it added a lot more to the taco because of the shell, and because Cool Ranch are my favorite chips, but my friends liked the Nacho Cheese shell better.
  17. ^ Exactly! My family and I did the RCCL Mexican cruise out of Los Angeles in 2008 on Monarch and we had a great time! The only lines that seem to go out of Los Angeles and San Diego are Carnival and Holland America with the occasional Princess! Royal Caribbean needs to send us a really nice ship over here! Also, just as a reference, in no way on our cruise on the Monarch did we ever feel that the ship was older than most, and we had a great time, unlike the Klassy Kruise it seems
  18. Has anyone else checked out the off-ride video that the Silver Dollar City posted on Facebook! This thing FLYS over that first drop and into the barrel rolls! It looks amazing! I didn't see anything posted here so sorry if it was already mentioned, I looked 10 pages back! Here is the link:
  19. Right. You got lucky. Don't listen to this advice! I've done the outside back row and literally had the crap beaten out of me. Like I said before, take your first ride in the front row, inside seat. Don't listen to anyone try to tell you differently!!! --Robb "Seriously, TRUST ME on this!" Alvey Listen to the man, I've rode it once, Robb's rode it probably 100+ times!
  20. ^^ I rode my first time in the back row, outside seat and loved it still! It was a little rough but nothing un-bearable!
  21. For the people who don't use/have a Facebook, here are some other improvements being made in the park that they have shared with us: - Replacing wood to the station for Logger's Revenge. - Repainting Sky-Glider cars, Fireball, Logger's Revenge, Cliffhanger Cars,. - As from the SCBB Facebook: "The entire Giant Dipper station will be repainted inside and out! Including some cool lighting, window, wood and vinyl enhancements!" - Repainting the large "Giant Dipper" sign with new colors. - Rebuilding stairs for the Sky Glider. - Freefall is getting a new lift ramp. - Replacing Cyclone. - Building Undertow. All these have been posted with pictures! Go check them out! Here is the new sign for the Giant Dipper: Old sign in the upper left-hand corner for comparison!
  22. Does anyone honestly wonder how different SFMM would operate/run/function as a park that had the same schedule as a park ,like for example, Cedar Point (meaning closed from mid-autumn to early-spring)?
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