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  1. This couldn't possibly be done in half a year, could it? Also, I knew they were planning to either extend the top deck, or get rid of frightwalk/buildings, but they are going to build over them?
  2. For junior year you take AP Language & Comp and for senior year you take AP Literature & Comp. And about the gym thing, you need 8 gym credits to graduate, one credit per semester/two per year. For me, I would much rather take another academic class then waste my time with gym which is a waste of time, especially after 3 years of doing the same thing.
  3. I'm heading back to school this coming Monday (August 20th) for my junior year in high school. Here is my schedule/classes: 1st. Advanced Math 2nd. AP US History 3rd. AP Composition 4th. Physics Lunch~ 6th. Spanish 3 7th. Physical Education (Yes my school district makes you take PE all four years, it's awful) Anyway, My schedule is going to be pretty busy all around I think!
  4. Sorry for the typical question, but how far is this resort from Barcelona?
  5. ^ I noticed that, last year the second train would come into the station no matter where the other train was, but it seemed longer this time. Any more information on the Giant Dipper?
  6. Hey everyone! I just got back from a 6 day vacation to Santa Cruz, and of course I had to go to the boardwalk (8 times to be exact). I rode the Giant Dipper at least 10 times (all in the front or last car of both trains) and of course all other rides! Here were my observations: - I rode the Hurricane only once this week, it was just too darn rough! It has an insanely bad rattle and was just awful! It seems like they just don't care about it anymore until they get rid of it! I hit my head so many times on it that it was no fun. I used to love it so this was very disappointing. - The Giant Dipper was interesting to say the least... It was busy almost all day everyday and even though the line is way out the door they refuse to run two trains until at least 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I know that they need more staff when there is two trains but thursday morning I counted 9 ride operators! Sometimes they just stood around. No good for anyone and it makes the line move slow. - After the so called "accident" on the Giant Dipper, I noticed that the Blue train no longer has the "100 Anniversary" front end, it has what the old black and yellow trains had (SCBB logo on the wood base). I have a picture to post later. - Even if they are running one train on the Giant Dipper, they now stop you on the brake run now for a few seconds, it's longer when they run two trains, it seems like they don't want anything to happen again. Also on thursday morning, they were having problems braking the blue train and they overshot it in the station at least 4 times when I was IN LINE. Of course they had to let the riders go again. After each overshot a new ride operator would handle the brakes and would VERY SLOWLY brake the coaster into the station, it was very aggravating to say the least. - Wipeout is still the best flat ride in the park, bar none. The music,lights, and darkness help the ride SO MUCH. Amazing. - Giant Dipper gave the best rides in YEARS to me, very smooth and airtime over every hill, the worst part of the ride is the last turn in the front though. I still think this is the best wood coaster in California and maybe the west coast! These were some of my observations, I had fun all week and will still continue to come back to the boardwalk.
  7. Think about it, they are not using that space presently and they could easily charge someone a bunch of money to store it there. It's easy money for SFMM and they don't even have to really do anything (sort of like renting a storage unit). Then again, this is just all speculation, so don't quote me or anything
  8. Could they be storing this ride for like a local carnival or something?
  9. Don't want to start a bad rumor or anything but i figured I'd mention this. During media day for lldod I spoke with an employee of a major manufacturer as well as a park employee. The park employee didn't really give much info. However, had a nice chat with the manufacturer employee and he said that there was an issue with parts. That SFMM was waiting on support parts and there was a delay. Take it how you want to. He could have been bsing me but he seemed real genuine. would He be referring to parts for "full throttle"? and thats why they have not announced it yet? Yes sorry for not being clear. I asked about the rumored "full throttle". Was there anything else that your "source" said? And he means that the Full Throttle supports were delayed, correct?
  10. These pictures are just sitting in my mind. The more I think about it, the more I think that they are not Intamin! They have the right colors for a Sky Screamer, but why would they put one here if they are putting in Full Throttle? What if they delayed FT until 2014? I mean, we still haven't heard the announcement for FT. Not to say that it's too late, but, everyone was expecting an early July reveal! I swear SFMM just put these there to mess with us...
  11. After watching the above mentioned video, I am 99.9% sure those are Intamin supports. There are a couple rainbow colored supports and a bunch of black ones. There are also some Y-Shaped supports that are black. FrightFest1408, Maybe you could post some screen shots of the close up you did? Or embed the video...
  12. How are people already complaining about the ride?!? Geez, it hasn't even been announced yet! Just be happy you guys are getting a kick-a$$ woodie from the looks of it!
  13. ^ Interesting! I hope that nothing major happened! Anyway, the reason I'm posting was to see if anyone has heard anything on the new coaster or the date it is going to be announced?
  14. I never thought about that, It could be for a season pass holder preview day considering it uses the word "drops" in the announcement. I still hope though that this announcement is for Full Throttle though...
  15. ^ Earlier reports said that this project is so massive that they would have to announce it in the summer. Announcing it earlier is in order to start building it to be done by the spring. This what the initial consensus has been on why the clearing started so early. Personally, I hope that the announcement is for Full Throttle! I'm ready SFMM!
  16. That acceleration on the lift hill is like a mini launch! Jeez that thing goes fast!
  17. I'm sorry if I'm wrong on this, but, how are they running 5 trains if the yellow train is behind the station? Isn't there only 5 trains?
  18. To me, Green Lantern made Revolution seem like a top 5 coaster. No joke, it was THAT awful!
  19. Without a doubt, X2 has had the most insane drop I've been on.
  20. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but why aren't people allowed to the lower level of the Sky Tower?
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