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  1. Ok, now I'm officially jealous. Tokyo DisneySea looks amazing!
  2. I have been using Google+ for about a week now. I think it is a real competitor to Facebook. Google+ is designed really well in terms of Circles,Hangouts,Sparks,etc. I cannot wait for it to be released publicly.
  3. Don't get me started about Skillet, I have a full blown obsession, possibly the worst case Saw them five times last year alone. Met them four times so far, and have 104 of their songs, and yes that is all of them. And I may just know way too much info about them. I think I may have to go to rehab for Skillet You guys are both lucky. At least there are Skillet concerts near you, there are rarely Skillet concerts on the west coast Anyway, I have all their songs off their last 4 albums, they are seriously a amazing band. Collide is personally my favorite album because of it's the hardest out of all their albums I think.
  4. Here you go: http://www.screamscape.com/html/industry_news.htm#SixFlags
  5. I was just thinking because of the whole Tatsu problem, but they still have the other side of the mountain. I was just trying to make a generalization, so nothing happens in the future if they do decide to build on top of the mountain. Sorry if I made it seem like the whole mountain is unstable.
  6. The only problem I could see with putting it on the mountain is that the mountain isn't exactly stable. If they do decide on the drop ride, putting it on top of the mountain could boost the traffic in that area.
  7. Finally school's over, Hello summer 2011!
  8. Took the survey, I suggested a fast,twisted Intamin terrain coaster. Something along the lines of a mega-lite or something.
  9. Still think that "Collide" on the "Collide" album is the best!
  10. I also think the whole 12 thing is: A) The 12th coaster at Hersheypark B) The year it opens (2012) Also, I noticed the "alloy" which is called RC12, could potentially stand for Roller Coaster 12. But what interests me is that Thrope Park's new for 2012 B&M wingrider is codenamed "LC12".
  11. To answer the questions: 1. Yes and no, I think that the front page needs to be wider and contain more updated aesthetics. But nothing needs to change dramatically though. 2.I Absolutely love the "Random Stuff" and "TPR updates", and would hate to see those go away. 3. In the age of social media, I feel that there needs to be more social networking site integrations to the front page. I also think game exchange needs to have a little column for news and whatnot. Last but not least,I think it needs to be wider (Who doesn't own a widescreen nowadays) 4. They're really no other changes that are necessary to me, I just stated some possibilities above.
  12. I think SFMM really nailed it with the theming on RRE. And for anyone that was there yesterday, how were the operations on the other rides?
  13. Totally awesome! Looks better than ANY of the Windseekers!
  14. Green Lantern's track is now complete. There is a video on Facebook showing the last piece being installed at the top.
  15. That whole album is Kick-A$$! Right now I'm listening to Collide by Skillet.
  16. Today at school: *A girl was talking to my friend about an upcoming trip to Knotts Berry Farm.* "OMG, Don't go on any roller coasters, my friend said she went on one and got stuck at the top. And if you get stuck at the top you're going to flip over and fall to your death!"
  17. I'm missing my homework to watch this thread, Happy 1 Millionth!
  18. Yes. Have you been on at least 100 coasters?
  19. You may be on to something. Send them an email and mention that encryption key. Already tried it, got the same response that was mentioned a few pages ago.
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