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  1. Website (and forum) looks good on my Android Phone, iPod Touch, And iPad!
  2. On one of the news videos posted a couple pages back, A lady who works at SFMM said it would be opening next month.
  3. They just fired Charlie Sheen from Two and A Half Men
  4. Rebirthing - Skillet My all-time favorite song from my favorite band!
  5. Yes. Have you ever ran a marathon?
  6. Took about 3-4 seconds on Firefox. I then tried it on IE9 and it loaded pretty much instantly. Hope this helps!
  7. Yes, less than 5 minutes away from me. Do you watch jersey shore?
  8. Yes. Is the weather nice where you are today?
  9. No. Do you watch a lot of television?
  10. Actually yes, The Taco Bell's here in Fresno were the ones that participated in the Taco bell breakfast menu campaign. Have you ever thought about suicide?
  11. I have not broken any bones but I've cracked my chin open.
  12. Lines are down to less than 20 minutes right now. Just got in line and I am at 16 minutes.
  13. ^When I got in line, it said one hour, But I only waited about 30-35 minutes. People must realize they can't actually win anything.
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