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  1. In no particular order- - The Gravity Group. - Intamin pushing the limits. - Six Flags getting their act together.
  2. Tons of Blu-Ray movies 50$ iTunes giftcard Couple of Target and Starbucks giftcards And more money than I can count
  3. Saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader a couple days ago, it was excellent. The movie was better than the first two combined.
  4. In one of the new pictures on SFOT Facebook, you can see what looks like the whole train sitting on the transfer track!
  5. Hopefully the 5,000 dollars the park got at the end will help the park reopen. The Whip looked pretty beat up to be restored for only 3-5 thousand dollars that was mentioned on the show.
  6. I'm guessing because Formula Rossa isn't located in sue-happy America. Never thought of it that way, haha.
  7. The question I have is why did Intamin choose to use lapbars instead of the OTSR's like on Kingda Ka and I-305?
  8. In Santa Cruz right now, Very Cloudy and light drizzle. It's supposed to be like this all weekend. What rides operate in the rain besides the covered ones?
  9. Thank You, hopefully they will have the two train operation on the Giant Dipper, those workers really haul a$$ when it's two train
  10. Would anyone happen to know what the crowds are expecting to be like this Sat/Sun?
  11. Giant Dipper is obviously one of the best, but Double Shot is also pretty darn good. Santa Cruz also has some good flat rides, like Wipeout and Fireball.
  12. I will be going to the Boardwalk from the 22nd to the 24th, Hopefully get the last full operation of the year. I look forward to riding the Giant Dipper too
  13. Alright guys,this will be my first post I am 15, and I live in Fresno which is in the Central Valley, California. I love Intamin and "The Gravity Group" rides. my "hometown" park is Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, I am a season pass holder for the past 5 years. I usually make it over there at least twice a year, usually in the summer and fall. I've only been on 28 different coasters, but I've ridden most of them at least 3-5 times. The Giant Dipper at SCBB I have been on at least 70 times. I also live about 3 hours north from Six Flags Magic Mountain and 3 hours south of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Nice to meet everyone, I look forward to posting on the forum!
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