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  1. The only problem I am having with HTC right now is that they are uncertain whether or not they should update their phones to ICS because of Sense and if ICS has enough "features " to make it worth it. In my opinion, Sense takes up way to much memory, and *only* Sense could make a 1.2 dual core processor lag like on the EVO 3D/Sensation. And to anyone who has thought about rooting, it's not for everyone. Make sure you know the consequences if you mess anything up during root.
  2. Jellybean, Jello Anyway, I have a rooted HTC Inspire, over clocked to 1.5 gHz , running CyanogenMod 7.1 I'm looking forward to the Galaxy Nexus along with Ice Cream Sandwich!
  3. *Rant warning*. Oh please, that's not even a hard choice... The iPhone 4S is an absolute failure (In terms of the tech community) , you don't make consumers wait 16 months for a processor and camera bump. Plus no 4G or bigger screen!? Galaxy Nexus is the way go: Verizon 4G LTE - Yes. Global GSM Radio - Yes Android 4.0 Ice Scream Sandwich - Yes. Not to mention that beautiful Super AMOLED HD display, NFC, Dual-core processor, etc. And I have an Inspire with CM7, waiting for CM9! CyanogenMod is definitely the most stable ROM and is a joy to use.
  4. Does anyone use RCT2 on Windows 7? Best Buy has the 3-pack (Original, Wacky Worlds, Time Twister) and I want to know if it would work on my computer.
  5. I'm pretty sure that B&M have been using magnetic brakes for a couple of years. I know that Krake has them and I think Raptor has them too. I just don't know since the train will probably be traveling at a higher speed than usual so they might or might not use them.
  6. The ride is up on Coaster Fusion, thanks for staying classy TPR!
  7. ^ I would LOVE to see a Hawk right there seeing as they got rid of Typhoon!
  8. I don't understand why people are ripping on this ride. First, It's a B&M!!! Did you really expect them to push the envelope as far as Intamin does? Even if it's taller, this ride is still just a bigger Behemoth. I'm with what Robb said, this coaster was not meant for this park. The whole point is, we (TPR) were thinking it would be a Intamin-esque Giga coaster when realistically it was just a taller B&M hyper coaster. I think this ride still looks great, but I'm still sure this was not the park it was meant for.
  9. I still don't understand why Magic Mountain would go out of their way to add "3" new coasters and take back the coaster crown, just to let one of their coasters leave the same year. I'm hoping Magic Mountain gets something big next year to fill the empty spot. As Elissa said, A Dive Machine would be perfect!
  10. ^ Even though schools are in, he is going on a Saturday so the park will probably be somewhat busy.
  11. Haha, I downloaded it like 2 minutes before it was removed. Anyway, the people in the video are pretty stupid. They had to break at least 4 or 5 rules in that video...
  12. I'm pretty sure that it had to do with the country that it's in. It's not in sue-happy America. And for Attraction 2012, could we be seeing a first drop similar to Expedition Ge-Force?
  13. Formula Rossa opened late last year with only lapbars, granted that it doesn't really do anything extreme besides the launch though...
  14. Angelina Jolie. Steve Jobs (Stood right next to without knowing)
  15. Yes Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
  16. It's never really busy enough to require both trains right when the park opens. They usually add the second train in the late afternoon. And I agree with you about the red train, it's always the one running it seems like (I think the blue train is smoother).
  17. First, here's a "secret" about Santa Cruz. On Mondays and Tuesdays after 5pm in the Summers, all the rides are just $1. Hot Dogs and Drinks are also $1, this event is called 1907 Nights. Other than 1907 Nights, it might take more than 2 hours to do all the credits (Giant Dipper, Hurricane, Logger's Revenge, Double Shot, Fireball, Rock-O-Plane, etc) You also might want to take into consideration that the Boardwalk might/will be a lot busier with a lot longer lines. I'm speaking from past experiences. I always go at 11am right when the Boardwalk opens because usuallythey're no lines on any rides usually (Plus most/all the rides usually open at 11am). I have gotten 8-10 rides on the Giant Dipper in less than 20-30 minutes.
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