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  1. Athsma and chicken pox. I broke my nose if that counts. And I still havent got my nose fixed. It freaks people out when they see me twist my nose into diffirent places.
  2. Wow. PKD looks like a real cool park. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Im going to the SA stock show and rodeo to get some POV's of the carnivale rides there. But I don't have a fire wire plug on my camcorder. Is there any way that I can get the videos from the camera onto my computer? Open to criticism.
  4. Isin't that a song too? KamaSutra. With that Chick and Pitbull?
  5. I got the lowest possible. 20 FREAKING SECONDS.
  6. I wish my dog wasn't evil! But It's a good thing when people help animals.
  7. Well, My nose is still broken. It's cool cause I can move it in wierd positions without any pain. Im going to get it checked out this week probably.
  8. May I please have " Do not feed nuclear bombs." Thanks in advance.
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