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  1. I'm just glad that Rob was smart enough to know that we don't start counting at 0 In all honesty though, to me it's air time. It just seems so much more intense now.
  2. Yankee Cannonball: I'm glad to hear that others share my opinion on this one! It is my #1 pure wooden coaster even though I haven't been on that many top notch wooden coasters. Millennium FORCE: I emphasized the word force because I am just speechless on how people brown-out on it often( you could count on two hands the amount of roller coasters in this country known to do that) and yet it is often called Millennium Forceless. I'm still waiting for the day that someone comes off the ride, after blacking out for 10 seconds, only to come on some forum site and spread the gospel that it's just the worlds biggest kiddie coaster.
  3. Glad to see some other people mentioning the Yankee Cannonball here. It's only 65 feet tall and it's probably the best roller coaster I have ever been on pound for pound or maybe I should say foot for foot.
  4. ...how about Intimidator 305? I posted that simply b/c I sense the confusion that may be coming soon with all the changes that have been made to the ride. Perhaps you took that comment to mean that I don't like the changes or that the ride is so different now that we must call it something different. That's not what I meant. I simply posted that to help clear confusion that is inevitable.
  5. I'm definitely only referring to the 1st version of I-305 when comparing it to the Mindbender. I managed to get on the 3rd version of I-305 this summer( new restraints and trim breaks). I have only been on 85 different roller coasters in my lifetime(i'm just 22). I would consider version 3 of I-305 to probably be the most intense coaster of them all so far for me. But that's the thing. It "probably" was the most intense. When the ride first opened it sounded like a stand alone most intense roller coaster( unless you were fortunate enough to ride one of those Anton Schwarzkopf steel loopers or maybe Goliath or Titan). As for the 3rd version, I have a hard time calling it that much more intense than MF. I suppose that with the modifications this ride is receiving now, we should probably make clear once and for all the naming of the versions of I-305. Are we just going to call the new version this spring version 4? Or are we going to call the 3 versions this past summer versions 1a(opening day version),1b(when the trims were added to the first dop),1c(when the restraints were modified)and 2( whatever it is this spring).
  6. So just how intense was this thing ( version 1 i'm referring to). I have always thought of the Mindbender in the West Edmonton Mall as kind of the Holy Grail for intense roller coasters of this era. I would be interested in hearing how these 2 rides compared intensity wise. I wonder how much simply adding flat track after the pullout of the first drop and before the 2nd hill would help. If you watch this ride in slow motion, the intense positive G's start during the pull out of the first drop and they don't end until your halfway up the 2nd hill. If the park simply added 20 feet of flat track after the first hill and before the 2nd it could make a world of a difference. Your looking at 2 or 3 less seconds of those positive g's by just doing that.
  7. Chiller Kingda Ka Wicked Twister Top Thrill Dragster jokers Jinx of those that I have been on Top Thrill Dragster is the best no doubt! Allthough I must give a special not to the Chiller at SFGADV a very underatted roller coaster- RIP
  8. Are we still clasifying this as a wooden roller coaster, or is this just going to be another El Toro or Balder?
  9. I have been on the Batman the Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure numerous times and i'm surprised that it could cause blackouts or greyouts to be honest with you. Most of the elements on that ride are short; so I would think there would be enough time for your body to recover in between elements. You might not be hydrated enough while your at parks!
  10. ahhhh good to know my theory was correct. I knew something was wrong when you mentioned enjoying it in the middle rows but being underwhelmed in the back.
  11. Well first off, when I started this I was referring to the person who stated that they were riding Millennium Force before the park opened to the general public that day. So I think there is a chance that the train they went on was not fully loaded. But yes wind is another key factor. I don't know the wind patterns in Sandusky Ohio , but I do know that in most other places the wind generally dies down at night. Wind would obviously slow the train down; so it would help to ride at night. You yourself also brought up the point of rides feeling faster at night simply because we can not see as well. That also does have a lot to do with it I am sure. There are other factors such as temperature and humitidy, but to be honest with you I am not 100 percent sure myself how and why those change the speed of the ride. I am half way through my bachelors in Mechanical engineering right now. I will tell you when I find out if your still interested.
  12. It's not really that the ride will go faster as much as it is the ride will slow down slower if the train is heavier for example. The only thing that really kills the momentum of a ride is friction. That's why a roller coaster can never reach the same height as the lift hill again. I suppose that a simple way of explaining it would be like this. Imagine a roller coaster with a vertical drop and then flat horizontal track afterwards. F=MA The F is for the friction force. The M is the mass of the train and riders, and the A is the deceleration of the train. You have Rolling friction and an air friction. If you add mass to the train that increases the right side of the equation, but in the case of rolling friction that is also going to increase the left side of the equation because the normal force is going to increase. So basically the masses cancel out when your just dealing with rolling friction. Air resistance is also going to slow the train down. Air resistance is dependent upon the surface area not the mass. So if you add mass to the train its going to slow down slower than a lighter train. That's why the heavier train is "faster". This is something that really just builds up over time. I hope that that was an easy enough way of expalining it. Go on youtube and Cedar Point has an official POV of MIllennium Force. If you compare it to other POV's of MIllennium Force that have fully loaded trains you will notice that it travels much slower.It takes it several more seconds to transverse the course. I would give you the links for it, but I just joined this site and there is something about not making any links in my posts until I have hit 50 for some reason. Another good example would be roller coasters valleying out. This almost always happens with empty trains.
  13. Interesting how you found the back of Millennium Force to be the worst seat. I am the complete opposite. Here is my theory as to why you felt that way. First off, I would be interested in knowing what time of day your other Millennium Force rides were. Millennium Force is almost useless to ride early in the morning as your only back seat ride was. It is so much faster at night! It speeds up as the day goes on. And if you rode it before the rest of the park opened, then I am assuming that you rode in a rather empty train. Heavy roller coaster trains travel faster than lighter ones due to air resistance. And since Millennium Force has such a high average speed and since its the longest steel roller coaster in the country, the difference is more noticable on Millennium Force than most other roller coasters. The bottom line is that Millennium Force is a faster more intense ride at night, or just even later on in the day, no matter where you sit. Personally like El Toro to name another, I find Millennium Force almost a waste of time in the moring. I always save it for night.
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