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  1. Thanks for the heads up... I'll see if I can make the opening day then!
  2. Wow. This is looking fantastic. I'll be down there the week it opens... I'm not all that big on "opening" celebrations, would it be wise to skip the 27th and go some other day to avoid crowds? Or will an event like this not make too much of a difference? I'm so pumped to get on this beast, despite the what everybody's saying about the "speed," she looks like a wicked fun ride!
  3. I hadn't really noticed that, but I'm PRETTY positive it's an exact clone of Rage, so all the elements should be the same. AND, Canobie has just posted a new teaser video. Check her out here ... http://www.canobie.com/Untamed-vid/untamedvid.html
  4. Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake Park takes the cake for me. Such nice pops of airtime.
  5. Canobie Lake Park x3 Six Flags New England x2 I've been swamped with work, school and doing shows this year. I'm glad I got to hit some rides, only wish I could have gotten a trip in to LC and Funtown.
  6. Yeah, my bad, I didn't take the the kiddie coasters into consideration. But honestly, why get rid of Corkscrew unless they replace it with something worth taking up the space?
  7. In all honesty, I hope not. Mainly because having a 3 coaster lineup is a big deal regionally. That'll tie with Lake Compounce, and beat Funtown's 2 Credits as well as Santa's Village, StoryLand, and Six Gun City's 1 credits. It gives people more to do in a visit, as well as spread the crowds (which, if you've been to Canobie you'll understand why this is an issue). Plus I love Corkscrew. It's a fun little ride and holds so many memories for me. Not to mention it fits so beautifully in that little spot. If Canobie decides to remove Corkscrew they had better use it's area for something awesome. The slide idea is not bad. Another coaster? Probably not anytime soon, but maybe someday. Regardless, I'll miss it if it ever leaves ... In other news! Canobie's banner! (Image courtesy of cocoman2121 at Canobiefan.com)
  8. I honestly don't think "Cheetah Hunt" is a terrible name. I envision it like, "Cheetah('s, will, shall) Hunt" rather than "(We're going on a) Cheetah Hunt" or "(Let's watch this) Cheetah Hunt." If you look at it from more of a first person point of view (I'm the Cheetah and I am hunting) it seems to fit alright. That's my opinion. It also looks like a thoroughly enjoyable ride! And (thank God) I'm not stingy about my restraints. I understand that lap bars have the potential to make a ride like this slightly more incredible, but to me it's not worth bickering about. I'm planning on being down there this spring, I really look forward to hopefully trying out this bad boy! -the Doctor
  9. I've been waiting for this day for years! Finally my home park is getting a new coaster. This'll show SFNE and their new Mouse
  10. That color is beautiful, can't wait to see this baby in action. Hopefully this spring.
  11. Wow, that's some exciting news. Thanks for the update. I'm trying to imagine what kind of "firsts" this new launch coaster is going to claim. Most likely regional firsts?
  12. Wow! That's incredible, thank you for sharing. I know several people have asked about your favorite, but if not that specific, do you have a favorite style? Like invert, floorless, etc.? I wish I could marry a B&M.
  13. awesome TR! When I was at Dorney about a week ago, I was chatting with some girls in line for Steel Force who I guess lived nearby and thought they had heard that Possessed would be closed for the entire season...? Hmm. I also was there for the inaugeral placement of the sign on Demon Drop! Yay! Nerd happiness! Oh my.
  14. Wow. Does anyone know how steep this coaster actually is?
  15. Wow this park looks incredible. I don't think I've ever actually seen pics of this park outside of their coaster selection. Thanks for the pics!
  16. Any other Celtics fans on here? I've been a die-hard since before we were any good. I'm hoping to see a Celtics v. Cavs matchup this postseason
  17. It's a sign at Canobie Lake Park, it says "check for loose clothing and equipment," but it looks like some guy is trying to wear a cape onto the ride. I got a good laugh out of it.
  18. Clash of the Titans: starring Qui-Gon Jinn and Sam Worthington as himself.
  19. Yeah I agree. Poor Sea/Land Rescue : P I got a photo of the damage to the stage, I'll post it to CanobieFan when I'm on my other computer.
  20. I got there right at noon and waited in those lines for about 30 minutes before actually getting into the park : P It was well worth it though, I love Canobie Lake, especially in the spring, it's really beautiful.
  21. Nice trip report mrceagle. It was cool to get to meet you (I'm TULADN from Canobiefan, btw)! Canobie made some nice improvements this year, but it didn't seem as much as a "fresh start" as last year, I guess. Alot of little things around the park looked like they could use maintenance or sprucing up. My main beef was with the Log Flume loading station, the graffiti wall was still intact and it looked like it could really use a cleaning. Not to mention the bear head is gone : ( But other than that, I thought everything went well.Cannonball ran beautifully and Corkscrew has given me worse rides, so I was happy. thanks for the update!
  22. Can I please have a custom title that involves bacon and Arnold Palmer? Thanks.
  23. If nothing else, that's a very nice gesture made by the park. I hope some of the stranded Europeans will take SeaWorld up on the offer.
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