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  1. In a move confusing to most, Trimper's has unveiled their latest addition. What makes this an odd addition is the fact that less than 100 yards away sits Jolly Roger's 110' tall Giant Wheel which was refurbished in 2018.
  2. Here is another article talking about all the changes. I had noticed quite a few rides on the list were rides they already had, this article explains it all better. OC Today
  3. Trimper's posted the list on new rides on their website today: Plus the sad news: the Zipper is no longer listed as in operation for 2020
  4. How was the crowd in this heat? BG has lots of shade, but it has to be brutal.
  5. We went to the Pirate show last week and enjoyed it. Food was nothing spectacular, but decent. I would compare it more to a circus; lots of acrobats, diving, and juggling.
  6. Great report, heading west to Dollywood Saturday for my first time. Staying a week in one of Dollywood's cabins and plan to do as much Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg stuff as a family can do in a week.
  7. The Zipper was alive and brutal as ever last summer, I took that picture in July. I was in Ocean City last month and noticed the entire front facade had been removed from the Pirate's Cove attraction. Turned out they were just sprucing it up for the 2019 season, which begins this weekend I believe.
  8. Came across a good article today documenting the rise and fall of Hard Rock / Freestyle Park. Lots of current pictures from inside the park. The Spectacular Failure of the World's Only Hard Rock Theme Park
  9. For the past decade, I've been taking my family to a new park every year; and 2019 will mark our first visit to Dollywood. After researching the area, specifically cabin rentals, I decide to book one of Dollywood's cabins. The price was a little more, but some of the other cabin / house rental companies had horrendous Google/ Yelp/ Trip Advisor reviews. I booked 8 days and 7 nights, with a few days for Dollywood and the rest for all the excitement Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge have to offer. The trip is planned for mid June in hopes the weather isn't terribly hot yet. Any hidden jems or trip tips will be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I have had terrible luck with Uber in Williamsburg trying to get between hotels and BGW. This was last October, so hopefully its improved.
  11. Here is some more info in the brewery tours: News link They are calling it "pop-up" tours and are on a first come first serve basis on select days. (I was hoping for 5 golden tickets hidden in select cases throughout the summer)
  12. With the eyes of Virginia on Kings Dominion for media day for Twisted Timbers, Groupon has posted a GREAT deal for single day Busch Gardens ticket. 1/2 off single day, $45 per ticket. Groupon Deal Act fast, this is a limited offer.
  13. I still have the $11.00 a month pass and agree it is still quite the deal. The only answer I have seen is that it will stay the same for at least 2018.
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