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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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^^ Last time I checked the park doesn't open in January.


Here are some details that the Admin (Dan) from CWMania was able to obtain from a recent visit to the park.


* Trains are scheduled to arrive in early March 2008 (although they are expected to arrive instead in late February)

* At present, there will be a souvenir photo for the ride and video is still being considered

* Behemoth merchandise is still being planned out and specifics are not yet available

* A public webcam has been considered but will not be added

* The storage/transfer track may be enclosed at some future point although it is currently open-air

* Sand is being considered to deaden the sound in some key points throughout the ride

* The completion date for the ride construction is February next year although the planned completion date for steel erection is the end of 2007

* The scratches on the track and support will be touched up with paint after the steel erection is complete

* The trim brakes will be indeed be installed on the three airtime hills after the turnaround. Bolliger and Mabillard will determine if these will be used at some point throughout the testing phase

* The station will use 16 queues and airgates to divide passengers into the appropriate rows to board the train. Therefore, each row of 2 seats will have a separate airgate

* The queue will hold approximately 45 minutes worth of guests, will be shaded by "sails" and may contain a DJ booth

* The entrance to the queue will be off a new midway being extended from Sledgehammer which will also contain the newly re-located entrances to Italian Job and Orbiter

* The entrance for Behemoth will contain landscaping and other aesthetic features although no true "theming" will be installed

* The degree of the drop is...to be continued (as it is currently being investigated).

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^^Last time I checked those details had already been posted a couple pages back. Thanks for the pointless post.


Is it just me, or are other people getting less and less excited about this ride with every new update? It just looks way too mediocre to me now...

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^Last time I checked, yes.


Personally I'm still excited about this project. I haven't been to CW since '99 (and I've only been an enthusiast since '02), so this year's Platinum Pass offer could see me making the drive up the 401 this summer.




The planned completion date for steel erection is the end of 2007.


"Talk to your welder if this erection lasts longer than January."

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's the newest photos from CWMania. I took it out of the quote because for some reason the links turn out white.




"Up date!


I made it outta there before the snow came. Christmas shopping sucks but at least I got a few shots of Behemoth while I was at it.












Others that I took on the 10th that didn't turn out that great.


Behemoth at night with a little of the blue lights from the Mountain showing.


The sign at night... if you look close you can see the letters.


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They will probably just be used to make sure the train is going the right speed. I know that the new trims on Timber Wolf at WOF weren't used on every run, and they had proximity switches before them. If the train was going too fast there, they were used, if it was going the right speed, they weren't. That's probably what these will be used like, just a speed check.

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What bothers me is that B&M should be able to build rides without trims by now.


I can understand having one on Behemoth becuase the trains are new, but two in a row is a bit excessive.


I honestly think people are over-analyzing the consecutive trims. I mean, think about it, trims are a lot easier to install during construction than they are after the ride has been built. I think they are a "just in case" type thing. They probably installed two in a row, not to trim the ride twice in a row, but so that they can have more control over the ride. For instance, if they only installed a trim on the third hill but they were having problems on the fourth hill, they'd have to excessively slow down the train on the third in order to adjust the fourth. So given the new train style, I really think that's what the consecutive trims are for.


I'm sure B&M has no problem designing a ride that doesn't need trims, but when push comes to shove, the intensity of the ride is the park's discretion.

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^When it comes to B&M's, its really a crapshoot. Haven't been impressed with their airtime sit down rides, but with that steep drop and basic design, it might be really good.


Tatsu has trims and everyone was freaking out about them when they first saw them. But they have yet to be used.


Those trims can't all possibly be necessary for normal operation, I'm with the post a couple up that said they're there in case they need to be used because its easier to install them now than later.


I don't get why sometimes it seems like B&M knows just what they're doing, and then it comes to a simple out and back airtime sit down ride, and they just can't seem to give us the forces we're expecting. Simple things like that have always been a mystery to me.

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I have to agree with the both of you. It 's going to be so similar to Nitro to me so I'm not terribly excited,


It'd be a pretty damn good ride if ends up similar to Nitro.


No one expects this ride to turn the business on it's head or anything. It's just going to be a really good fun ride.

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I don't know about anyone else but I feel this will be just another B&M hyper. The design isn't amazing or groundbreaking and it looks like all the other B&M hypers.


Its that reason why I think Intamin hypers are so much more exiting, they are unpredictable and much more active.

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That's why choice is great....Intamin and B&M offer a totally different experience depending on your mood and how you're feeling. I personally love both but lean toward Intamin, but that's personal preference. That being said....hope the park gets at the very least a sit down looping Intamin one day.


I'm with everyone who thought the ride looks a bit "blah" at first, but hey, it's a mega and you can't get really overly creative with the layout. All of them seem to look that way but that's always VERY deceiving until you 1) actually see the thing in person/ up close and 2) actually ride them and find out how much fun and punch they pack. The most exciting part of the layout by far is the height. I mean..look how massive this thing is compared to Minebuster and Wonder Mountain. It'll be different from Nitro beceause, it's not Nitro. (Regardless, Nitro is so much fun)


Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

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