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  1. It's not my YouTube channel. Also sorry I didn't see the post from a few days ago.
  2. Great news. They finally got permission from the state to run Zumanjaro and Kingda Ka at the same time. No more staggered operations. Here's a vid that was posted today. I linked directly to the timestamp where you can see it in action. If it doesn't automatically go to the time it starts at 7:29. This is not my video btw.
  3. The reason for that is because they only have two trains. With a third train they could dispatch earlier as they would have a train ready to be loaded behind the station. You don't need to wait for the midcourse to clear to dispatch the next train. You only need the train in front to clear the lift. Also 3-4 minute dispatches are not decent by any stretch. Those are terrible dispatch intervals.
  4. I have a hard time believing that 2 trains is better than 3 or even comes anywhere close to the throughput. Even if it stacks it allows you to dispatch the next train without waiting for the other one to get to the end. The Voyage has an extremely long cycle time. Upwards of 3 minutes. That means the average dispatch time with perfect dispatches with two trains could never be better than 3 minutes. Thats a terrible number. I seriously doubt the crew wouldn't be able to dispatch in 1:30-2 minutes if they had 3 trains. Even that isn't exactly fast. Nitro at Great Adventure frequently has dispatches under 50 seconds and thats with 36 people trains. In the current configuration the theoretical best they could do is 24 x 20 dispatches per hour (3 minutes between) which comes out to 480 rides per hour under the perfect circumstances. (every seat filled, no delayed dispatches). And thats being generous, the cycle time is actually longer than 3 minutes. Adding in a third train would roughly double the capacity. They could theoretically do 1:30 dispatches (not really a hard number to hit). That would up the number of dispatches per hour to 40 which comes out to 960 per hour. Even if you couldn't quite double it, as long as you can increase it enough that the ride puts through more than the number that enter per hour than the line will remain short. With only two trains the line will easily build up.
  5. I haven't been to Holiday world since 2007 when voyage had 3 - 28 passenger trains. How are the lines on it now that it only has 2 - 24 passenger trains? I know its a long ride so it seems that the dispatches would definitely suffer with only two trains.
  6. I haven't been to Holiday world since 2007 when voyage had 3 - 28 passenger trains. How are the lines on it now that it only has 2 - 24 passenger trains? I know its a long ride so it seems that the dispatches would definitely suffer with only two trains.
  7. I was at the park on 10/15/2017. Gotta give huge Kudos to the excellent Nitro crew. They were seriously dispatching trains consistently as soon at the train ahead cleared the block on the top of the lift. The lift motor wasn't even turning off completely. Trains weren't even stopping behind the station which is really difficult to do with a 3 train ride, especially for several dispatches in a row.
  8. IDK why people have this notion that Six Flags doesn't maintain their rides well. Go to a park like Mt. Olympus if you wanna see what neglecting rides looks like. El Toro still runs great. Ride any random mid 90's B&M at a Six Flags park and they are all butter smooth still. Or Take a ride on the Wild One at SFA which is coming up on 100 years old sometime this year. Or another great oldie but goldie Comet at Great Escape. The ones that ride like crap like Texas Giant (pre refurb) are more the manufacturers fault. Every Dinn woodie from the 90's beat the crap out of themselves regardless of who owned them. I hope to see Colossos back up in the future. It would be a real loss to lose one of these rare intamin Prefabs. And as much as I love RMC's, the idea of RMCing an intamin prefab is complete blasphemy.
  9. Its understandable why Great Adventure fans are a bit disappointed though. This is a low capacity ride in one of the most visited parks in the chain. Also the fact that the other flagship parks have all received several brand new major new coasters since great adventure received its used Stand-Up coaster (which I actually like unlike some people). Not only that but we have had to give up a coaster from pretty much every addition we have received in the past 8 years. (Chiller, Scream Machine, Rolling Thunder etc). Heck you could even throw Viper into that mix if you count El Toro (although this is a trade I think anyone would make). And while we didn't lose a coaster this time around, we lost two major show venues that have been staples of the park for decades.
  10. The capacity complaints are completely valid. This is a park that has rides with upwards of 1500 people per hour some close to 2000 per hour. Nitro easily can exceed that 1500 per hour in real world capacity. Lets say that this ride is able to achieve 80% of its theoretical capacity on a regular basis. Thats still less than half of Nitros Capacity. This allows the line to build up and get longer vs something like nitro that often eats through the line faster than it can form.
  11. I wasn't with him, but I did see him waiting for the last row early on. Neither of us wear coaster shirts (and he's only a borderline enthusiast ). I probably saw you at some point though. I have to agree about SFA. Its my home park and it's definitely getting better/less easy to make fun of. One more really top tier coaster like an El Toro clone (or an RMC) could make that a good lineup, along with more two train ops and some trees. Boldikus, I'll probably make it to SFA one more time this season during/around Fright Fest at some point. Let me know if your plans work out, but yes definitely get to Hershey before SFA lol. Please don't mention RMC and SFA together! Knowing six flags they will end up giving wild one the treatment instead of roar! They better not touch Wild One at all lol.
  12. Having ridden both mantis and Chang (in both locations), Chang elements are not anymore drawn out than mantis's. However they may be reshaped a tweaked but I. My experience Chang is just as intense if not more intense than mantis. Where Chang kicks the crap out of mantis is a second half where it doesn't beat the crap out of you.
  13. If B&M made the exciting ground breaking rides they made in the early to mid 90's I would give them the nod, but their Loopers in the past 10 years have been just plain boring. Look at the pacing of Kumba or Green Lantern/chang, and compare it to one of their newer looping coasters. The pacing is so much slower its not even funny and all the elements have huge drawn out transitions between them vs. their earlier rides which constantly were changing direction or if they did have a big transition it had interesting quirks like the hop between the g roll and cobra roll on Kumba or the hop before the turn around on green lantern. Intamin on the other hand can still make an Exciting coaster that really wows me today, Something I haven't seen from B&M in quite some years.
  14. El Toro is one of the few wooden coasters that I think has gotten better as it has aged long term. Compared to when it first opened it flies through the final twister section, especially the second half where it used to limp up onto the brake run. I think they changed the wheel setup after it valleyed a few years back.
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