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  1. My goodness.. When all 3 are layered what a nice pic that does make.
  2. ^ Fair enough. I can see where the tone of my recent posts could come off that way. Sorry about that, moving forward I will work on avoiding that.
  3. You sound like a jaded local who won't be happy no matter what they put in the park. You're not the kind of customer they are targeting. Sorry Rob, but not sure how you come to the conclusion that I am Jaded. You quoted me as saying I will be grateful for what they give us, and then state I won't be happy no matter what? Not wanting a fight here, just confused is all. CedarFair1: thanks for the update! Dang that's a lot of re-bar... Thursday cannot come soon enough
  4. Good to see, just like their commercials they show rides in the advert that are not in the park... Park Entrance Disclaimer: S&S Tower and B&M Invert not available with admission to the park.
  5. ^^ true enough on the starlight & other improvements around the park. I stand corrected. Still think the money on Wind could have easily been spent elsewhere in the park. Is the thing even running reliably as yet? I know Knott's got a retrofit for theirs but have not heard if it helped with the reliability. Heck, spend the 5 million on finding a way for people to once again walk up our beloved mountain! .. and I agree. One of the happiest moments for me pertaining to the park was when I heard CF was taking over. Things have been much better since their inception into office
  6. To be fair, that ride which is "all you got" had HUGE lines at both Kings Island and Cedar Point during our visit. And while it might not be the most thrilling ride in the world to us thrill seekers and enthusiasts, it seemed to do a pretty good job of scaring the crap out of people who normally don't view the earth from 300 feet in the air. Not everything a park builds is going to be for "you." I am very aware of this, but you have to understand something from the perspective of the home town who has watched this park stagnate for years - everyone who has visited the park on here se
  7. ^^ also can't forget that all we got for our 30th Birthday this/last year was the wind avoiding seeker of wind.
  8. ...considering some of the stereotypes like this one still exist -> ...really not surprising the park has had a long period of stagnation. Just glad with Cedar Fair at the helm it seems to be over. For years we had silly people making the calls for Wonderland, but those days are behind us. A new era for the park has, and continues to dawn.
  9. ..so then you would agree with both teaser statements if this came to be true... "If I ride only one ride in 2012, this is the one!" - Gary Slade, Editor and Publisher, Amusement Today "This is the one I have been waiting for!" - Paul Ruben, North American Editor, Park World ..I know I would..
  10. An email was sent to Gary asking him for some details on what his statement was regarding. He stated that it was the engineering involved in this ride that made him say that - and that was based on all the rides he was currently aware of for 2012. Still can't wait. Like being a kid at Christmas again.
  11. I can almost 100% guarantee you the coaster will not be B&M, a total waste of money having 2 Out and Back coasters 100 feet apart made by the same company, and same elements for both rides. Yeh, I am right there with ya on that one. Behemoth is fine, but we do not need another B&M in the park at this time. Yeh, I know they do have the ability to build things different than just out-and-back's but they have certainly built a lot of them. If they ever wanted to rip out flight deck and replace it with a B&M inverted I would not complain - that is after-all what was originally
  12. The area that has/had room for 160 cars is the yellow are depicted in the image below. I have not heard word on whether is does or does not have a fence as yet, but it was marked for one the other day. http://www.scribblemaps.com/maps/view/U0Sa5oQ7D5 some have speculated that this is simply a holding area for supports and track in their opinion. Personally I think it is too far off the beaten path to be used as a staging area. Why would you take some of the most valuable customer parking area away just to store bits of a ride that is half a park away. I think that this could be
  13. From all the pictures taken and provided I have thrown together an overhead so we can put things into perspective as they happen. Feel free to point out any glaring errors or things missing and I will happily make the alterations. Changes will be made as information becomes available via others photo's. http://www.scribblemaps.com/maps/view/U0Sa5oQ7D5 Thanks to everyone for providing the regular flow of pics thus far. Keep it up!
  14. Today construction moved into both the employee parking lot the regular lot. Employee lot has a large area fenced off - regular lot has markings that indicate a 'put fence here' zone as well. In the regular lot, the area to possibly be fenced holds approx 160 cars.
  15. Personally, I have wanted a custom Giga for the park for over 10 years. With Paramount in charge it was NEVER going to happen. I have a low level of respect for what Paramount did with the park while they ran things. We have always needed a big coaster with a high capacity - and with Behemoth we did finally get that basic requirement. I would like to see them tear down Great Canadian though since the rides just a crusty old wooden version of Behemoth that has been in need of either love or demolition for a lot of years now. Yes, I was hoping for more than what we got from Behemoth,
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