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  1. I'm so glad we didn't get a Dark Knight coaster. Nothings worse than knowing its going to be disappointing before its even installed. As far as how an EK clone might be, they don't look like anything too extreme, so i can understand some room for disappointment, especially for teenagers. Hopefully what we get will be another 50 feet taller and another 500 feet longer. A woodie not breaking 3,000 feet in length is just too short a ride, IMO.
  2. Whatever the ride is, I'm sure it won't disappoint. Magic Mountain and its higher ups carry great pride in offering some of the best and most unique roller coasters in the world (evidence being the love they gave to X2 this year), I have a feeling this one won't be an exception. Even with a clone or two in the park, MM typically makes a ride that's similar in the chain, and upscales it a notch or two to be in contention with the other "xtreme rides" in the park. I can't wait to see how this one measures up to Magic Mountain standards.
  3. Well it seems like Six Flags Great Adventure is the most popular among us. HHN Dylan: Just hope you don't have a day like this guy if you decide to go to there... LOL!
  4. LOL. *high five* I've been to CP and MM quite a bit, so the park I want to go to the most is Six Flags Great Adventure. Followed by any park that has a Superman Ride of Steel. But if you haven't been to CP or MM, for coasters, I'd suggest going to those.
  5. ^Thanks for that. Looks like someone was aware of these types of problems- when memos like that come out, typically mechanics/inspectors are supposed to pay special attention to the problematic areas. There might have been 2 areas on the main arm support where cracking was occurring, and apparently no mechanic saw them or bothered to repair them. Stress cracks are normal, but when rides aren't inspected every day, they don't get repaired and just get worse and things like this happen Either we're more available to information like this because of communication technology, or this kinda craps just happening way too often. I don't know if I even wanna get on carnie flats at the OC Fair anymore...
  6. Unless the video is one constant clip without all the editing and cut ins, when magic is done on video or on TV, it just doesn't do it for me. Like that Lance Burton video, it'd be much more believable if they showed the jump from a POV camera placed on the front of the train. Kinda convenient they neglected to show more than 2 clips from 2 practically identical angles. And we wonder where kids get the idea to run in front of coaster trains...
  7. Or in Colossus' case, 20+ years. Magic Mountain already has a painted wood coaster that they don't take care of, I'd much rather be able to see the grains in the wood on this one. And some terrain hugging wouldn't hurt!
  8. Wow this looks awesome! I really dig how more coasters these days have only 1 or 2 cars to them, it makes the ride more consistent on every cycle. Maybe the train will stop before the launch section, NL just couldn't display the launch that way? Because from the looks of it, that may be the biggest potential problem of this ride. That and the oddly place corkscrew right into the final break run. Its going to be exciting to see the ride AND the station when this thing is all done!
  9. Wow, you got in some great photos there. The one where half the loop is cut off, and the one right above it are my favorite. Why couldn't Knott's make their Moto Coaster bad ass like that one?! That one actually looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Dude, what the hell WAS that spinning Mummy tunnel on the tour? I saw trams going into that building and thought it was going to be good, but once we went in, I didn't get that at all... From what I remember on the tour (from 2 weeks ago) there might have been a clip or 2 from Ron Howard, but Whoopie is pretty much the "narrator" person of the videos on the tour, unfortunately.
  11. Wow, it took me a couple looks to realize those are both the same entrance signs, but these two pictures really make it obvious! See the shed in the background? Haha, that's too funny!
  12. The link says that the train broke on the lift hill. I'm sure after the lift hill it rolled just fine down that first drop, then lost so much speed because of the breakage, it couldn't make it over the immelman. Is it possible that all that was holding these trains together was 2 pieces of pipe, 1 bolt and a locking pin? Or 1 bolt, a lock washer and nut? Eek!
  13. Sorry, up to the "head back attached" it doesn't sound like a joke to me. Guess I'm not in the "hip" group who can tell if what people are posting is a joke or not based simply off what they say.
  14. ^Not starting with me. You're the sick weirdo taking corpse photos. Let me know when some real news on this story comes out...
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