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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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NO! It Is MASSIVE! You really have to see it in person.


I've got to agree. When I was there for their Halloween Haunt, the lift was about 3/4 done and it already looked massive. I seriously cannot wait to ride this.


This also beats the pants off of KI's FoF that we were originally going to get under Paramount management.

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Yeah I think a lot of it has to do with the angle and the comparison of height right next to that lightpole. It really shrinks the size of the ride.


Heres a good shot of the second hill that alone looks huge. Compare the size of that second hill to the height of the first drop in this picture. 230 feet is quite a ways up.

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Wow that thing does look huge. Hmm.... B&M with Vekoma like trains... I wonder what difference they will make, if any at all. I guess it will be somewhat different from normal B&M trains, but it is kind of ... pointless. And now as I look and see that I am posting this on the 69th page, I have a feeling this has already been discussed before, making my post pointless.... oh well. thanks for the pictures though

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Here's hoping that the top half will be comething cool. All the other stations at Wonderland are well done so hopefully this will at least be on par with the others. Cedar Fair can build awesome stations..Maverick's is an example. But then like Six Flags, you can have Goliath's like at La Ronde (very nice) vs. Nitro's at SFGA (the tin can)


Oh and yah..the pictures are nothing like what you see in person, it's huge Edit: hugs = huge lol

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