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What rides have you ridden in their debut season?

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This is a hard one. I am just going to list coasters and major rides because otherwise the list would get really dumb really fast.


Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Mach Tower (2011 and 2012 sad but true)

Verbolten (2012)


Canobie Lake Park

Untamed (2011)


Disney's Epcot

Soarin' (2005)


Disney's Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Mania (2008)

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (2010)


Disney's Magic Kingdom

All the New Fantasy Land stuff (2012)


Hershey Park

Skyrush (2012)


Kings Dominion

Volcano the Blast Coaster (1998)

Intimidator 305 (2010)

Windseeker (2012)


Lake Compounce

Boulder Dash (2000)


Six Flags Great Adventure

Batman the Ride (1993)

Sky Screamer (2012)


Six Flags Magic Mountain

Goliath (2000)

Tatsu (2006)


Six Flags New England (ex Riverside)

Mind Eraser (1997 absolutely loved it then too)

Superman Ride of Steel (2000)

Flashback (2000)


I know I left some out most likely but this is generally accurate.

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Let's see here.


I got to ride Top Thrill Dragster in It's first season in 2003.

I remember riding Diamondback in 2008.

I went to Six Flags over Georgia Goliath's opening year.

I was in Dollywood for Mystery Mine and Wild Eagles opening years.

Six Flags St Louis when the Evel Kinevil coaster opened.

Also Kings Dominion i305's opening year.

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Maverick @ Cedar Point



Behemoth @ Canada's Wonderland

Thunderhawk @ Michigan's Adventure

Voodoo @ Dorney Park



Little Dipper @ Six Flags Great America



Soaring Eagle @ Coney Island

Steeplechase @ Coney Island

Wooden Warrior @ Quassy

Untamed @ Canobie Lake Park

Green Lantern @ Six Flags Great Adventure



Divertical @ Mirabilandia

Wodan @ Europa Park

OzIris @ Parc Asterix



Iron Rattler @ Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Outlaw Run @ Silver Dollar City

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I've gotten in a good mix of new coasters since 2010, from relocated kiddie coasters all the way up to headline-grabbers. Here's a full reckoning, for posterity.


2013 (Seven: 5 major, 2 relocated)

Boomerang, SFStL

Coast Rider, KBF

Full Throttle, SFMM

GateKeeper, CP

Iron Rattler, SFFT

Outlaw Run, SDC

Rainier Rush, Washington State Fair


2012 (Eight: 5 major, 1 relocated, 2 kiddie)

Apocalypse, Six Flags America

Dragon Wagon, Fun Stop

Iron Shark, Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

Kiddie Coaster, Fun Spot USA

Skyrush, Hersheypark

Superman Ultimate Flight, SFDK

Verbolten, BGW

Wild Eagle, Dollywood


2011 (Nine: 4 major, 3 relocated, 2 kiddie)

Fiesta Express, Gillian's Wonderland Pier

Gotham City Gauntlet, SFNE

Green Lantern, SFGAdv

New Texas Giant, SFOT

Soarin' Eagle, Scream Zone

Steeplechase, Scream Zone

Untamed, Canobie Lake Park

Wacky Worm, Gillian's FunLand

Wooden Warrior, Quassy Amusement Park


2010 (One: 1 relocated)

Little Dipper, SFGAm

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I understand that this says no home parks, and CP + KI are not home parks. I just visit them every year.

2006: Expedition Everest

2007: Maverick, Firehawk (a bit of a stretch)

2009: Diamondback

2010: Shoot the Crapids (yes I spelt it how it should be named)

2011: Windseeker-KI and CP

2012: Manta-San Diego

2013: Gatekeeper

2014: Soon to be Banshee, Soon to be Lightning Run

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If this extends to rides and not just coasters, then... (excluding my home park)

2005 : All the new kiddie rides at The Great Escape in the Looney Tunes section (yep, I was still 7 at the time)

2009 : Sasquatch @ The Great Escape (I think)

2012 : It' @ Morey's Piers (I think it was added in 2012 ?)

2013 : Gatekeeper @ Cedar Point, Screamin' Eagles @ Great Escape

2014 (coming soon) : Extreme Supernova @ Great Escape, hopefully others !

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You all have some impressive lists! Here's mine



Iron Rattler - SFFT

Coast Rider - KBF

YOLOCoaster - SFFM

Twist & Shout - Family Kingdom



Verbolten - BGW

Wild Eagle - Dollywood

Despicable Me - USF



Dare Devil Dive - SFOG


going back in time a bit...



Demon Drop - Cedar Point



Corkscrew - Geauga Lake

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All of my 'Debut' coasters/rides were at SFOG. My mom used to get us season passes every year so we were regular visitors to the park. I think her daredevil antics are the reason I love coasters and thrill rides so much and partially the reason behind me actually working at the park.


Here's my list:

1992 - Ninja (I still remember my ears ringing when I got off)


1995 - Viper (Which became my favorite before Deja Vu arrived)


1997 - Batman The Ride


1999 - Georgia Scorcher


2001 - Deja Vu and Acrophobia (2 great rides in 1 year! U can't beat that! Still miss the Vu tho )


2002 - Superman Ultimate Flight (I was a little pissed over the removal of Viper)


2006 - Goliath (I was an employee on opening day, I got to ride it with other employees the night of the Season Pass Holders sneak peak - Front Seat in the dark!!)

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The only one I can think of is Curse of DarKastle. I end up going to a park the year after they get something new like Verbolten or The Wizarding world of Harry Potter. I went to Hershey the day before Skyrush opened so I was extremely pissed that it turned out to be a great ride that I missed by a day :/ oh well. This year I plan on going on Goliath at Six Flags Great America so I'm pumped!!

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Millennium Force - Cedar Point 2000

Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point 2003

Maverick - Cedar Point - 2007

Gatekeeper - Cedar Point 2013

Primeval Whirl - Animal Kingdom 2002

Exterminator - Kennywood 1999

Back Lot Stunt Coaster - Canada's Wonderland 2005


That's all I can think of. I'll be adding at least Banshee this year.

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1994: Hurler @ Carowinds


1997: Alpengeist @ BGW


1998: Volcano the Blast Coaster @ KD & Taxi Jam @ Carowinds


1999: Afterburn @ Carowinds, Apollo's Chariot @ BGW & Georgia Scorcher @ SFOG


2002: Ricochet @ Carowinds


2007: SheiKra (year it became floorless) @ BGT


2010: Air Grover @ BGT


2011: Cheetah Hunt @ BGT


2013: White Lighting @ Fun Spot America


2014: FireChaser Express @ Dollywood

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