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What rides have you ridden in their debut season?

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Rampage and Marvel Mania, Alabama Adventure (then Visionland)

Arkansas Twister, Magic Springs

Revenge of the Mummy, USH

Terminator Salvation, SFMM

Zonga, SFMW

Gwazi & Kumba, BGT

Triple Hurricane, Cypress Gardens

Batman, SFGAm

Twisted Twins (then "Twisted Sisters"), SFKK

Every Coaster at SFNO

Loco Loco, Dixie Landin'

Shivering Timbers, MA



Geez, this list is getting really long and I'm only up to Michigan. I'll just end this with "and lots more."

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Fun topic! It's really hard to decipher what my "home park" is, although for most of my life I've considered it to be KD (it was about 2 hours away from where I grew up). But then also, I worked at CP the year Maverick opened, so would that not count? Eh, whatever. Here's the coasters I've ridden their opening year.


1994: Hurler (KD)

1998: Journey to Atlantis (Orlando), Volcano

1999: Dueling Dragons, Incredible Hulk, Rock n' Roller Coaster

2000: Millennium Force

2007: Maverick (opening day), Griffon, Firehawk (OK, it wasn't technically "new," but it was its debut season at KI)

2008: Ravine Flyer II, Fahrenheit

2009: Diamondback, Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit, Manta, Prowler

2010: Intimidator (opening day), Intimidator 305 (opening day), Sky Rocket

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Wicked Twister- CP



Whirlwind- Seabreeze



Catapult- SFNE

Splashwater Falls-SFNE



Fahrenheit- HP

Voodoo (Possessed)-DP

Moto Coaster- DL



Buccaneer Battle- SFGAM

Sasquatch- Great Escape (Home Park)



Bonus 2009 Bizarro (SFNE)

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Since I'm excluding home park coasters like Manta, Air Grover, and HRRR, I guess only four make the list in the last 5 years or so. ...Those coasters being Kingda Ka (2005), El Toro (2006), Wicked(2007), and Griffon (2007).

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Wicked Twister (home park Geauga Lake)



Ravine Flyer II

Dominator (although I don't count it as a new credit moving to KD, i'll still mention it just for thread purposes)

The Dark Knight (GADV)

Possessed (Voodoo at the time.. see Dominator)









Intimidator 305


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I have a few:


2002-Wicked Twister (Cedar Point)


2003-Superman: Ultimate Flight (GADV, even though it is my home park)


2004-HellCat (Clementon), Storm Runner (Hershey)


2005-Kingda Ka (GADV), Hydra: The Revenge (Dorney), Sheikra (BGA)


2006-El Toro (GADV),


2007-Maverick (Cedar Point), Pirates Hideaway (Casino Pier)


2008-Fahrenheit (Hershey), Behemoth (Canada's Wonderland), Moto Coaster (Darien Lake), Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer), Dark Knight (GADV), Possessed (Dorney)


2009-Manta (SWO), Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit (Universal Orlando)


2010-Intimidator (Carowinds), Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion).


I think that's it for me if I missed anything I'll add it.

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Considering that I only started riding in 2005, I only have a few season debuts..


Manta - SWO


I305 (well, next week) - KD


Home Park - SFGAdv

Taking away the home advantage situation, I can count El Toro in that list.


SMH, what a short list... lol

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well lets see


1998: Ghost Rider(yes it was smooth)

Supreme Scream(when they held you longer up there)


2000: Stealth(Paramount's Great America)

Roar(SIx Flags Marine World)

Medusa(same as above)


2001: Dejavu(opening year yes)


2002: X(before it was turned into X2)


2003: Scream(yes but I still prefer Medusa)


2005: Space Mountain V2(yep I say V2 for the current version)


2006: Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue


2007: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage


2009: Ridden and worked Terminator Salvation the Ride(all in one year)


and thats about it... hehehe.

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Interesting topic....with taking the home park out of the equation, I initially thought my list wouldn't include too many. Then the more I thought about it, a few more kept popping up! Here's my list:


1996 - Mind Eraser (later to become Head Spin....and then Carolina Cobra), Geauga Lake


1999 - (Superman) Ride of Steel, (Six Flags) Darien Lake


2002 - Wicked Twister, Cedar Point


2003 - Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point


2005 - Hydra: The Revenge, Dorney Park


2006 - El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure


2007 - Maverick, Cedar Point


2008 - Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer


2009 - Diamondback, Kings Island


2010 - Intimidator, Carowinds


On a nice one "new for that year" coaster per year pace these last several years....with any luck, that pattern will continue next year when we swing into BGT!

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  • 1 year later...


Little Dipper, SFGAm (relocated)



Fiesta Express, Gillian's Wonderland Pier (relocated)

Gotham City Gauntlet, SFNE (relocated)

Green Lantern, SFGAdv (relocated)

New Texas Giant, SFOT (re-designed)

Soarin' Eagle, Scream Zone (relocated)

Steeplechase, Scream Zone

Untamed, Canobie Lake Park

Wacky Worm, Gillian's FunLand (relocated)

Wooden Warrior, Quassy Amusement Park


Ten coasters, but only three original coaster installations.


Of note, I was the first public rider of Vertigo, a StarFlyer-like ARM ride (first in line, first to board, first cycle). Yes, I realize I'm far from the literal first rider, but I did ride at its debut carnival. Also, I rode NTag on its first official operating day. Again, I know this means thousands rode before me, but I still think it was a neat opportunity.

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Only one for me, Maverick in '07. Not only was it in the first year, but on Opening Day after the delayed replacement-build.


EDIT: Oh, are we counting rides, and not just coasters? Then you can add Skyhawk to that list for me as well.


DOUBLE EDIT: And Firehawk.

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I live in South Florida, so I'm not sure I'd count the parks in Orlando/Tampa as my home parks, but if not then:



Disaster (USF)

The Simpsons Ride (USF)

Jungala rides (BGT)



Manta (SWO)



Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (IOA) (I don't count the other rethemes)



WindSeeker (Cedar Point)

Cheetah Hunt (BGT)


If they do count as my home parks, then its pretty much just WindSeeker.

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