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What rides have you ridden in their debut season?

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Homepark 1- Knoebels

Twister 1999

Looper 2005

Theatre 2006 (OK so it's not technically a ride)

Downdraft 2001

Scenic Skyride 2003

Rockin Tug

Fandango 2006


Homepark 2- Hershey

Great Bear 1998

Lightning Racer 2000

Storm Runner 2004

Claw 2003

Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge 2006

I walked through the Boardwalk-- does that count?


Homepark 3 (sorta) Dorney

Woodstock Express 2000

Hydra 2005


Other parks

CP- Raptor 1994

Gemini 1978

Epcot- Mission SPACE 2004 (wasn't a year old at that time)

Idlewild- Loggin Toboggan 2005

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Firehawk (PKI)

Griffon (BGE)

Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer (Moviepark Germany)

Meteor (Little A-merick-a)

Son of Beast (PKI) according to rcdb I have to count this one




Italian Job Stunt track (PKI)


When I made this list, I noticed that I didn't do any new home park / dutch coasters (formule X, Troy & Vliegende Hollander) this year... Well, I probably hit them next year in the TPR Europe Trip!

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2005- Hydra:The Revenge


2004- Silver Bullet



2003- Greased Lightnin' @ SFKK

King @ Nashville Valley

Python @ Nashville Valley


2002- V2 Vertical Velocity @ SFMW


2001- California Screamin'

Psycho Mouse

Rugrat's Runaway Reptar @ PKI


2000- Cobra @ SFMW

Goliath @ SFMM

Medusa @ SFMW

Sea Surpent @ SCBB

Steath @ PGA


1999- Dueling Dragons Fire

Dueling Dragons Ice

Mad Mouse @ Valleyfair!

Roadrunner Express @ SFMW

Roar @ SFMW

Rockin' Rollercoaster @ Disney's MGM Studio

Taxi Jam @ PGA

Woody Woodpcker's Nuthouse Coaster


1998- Orient Express @ SCBB

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I've ridden a lot in their first year. Here's what I can remember. If the years are wrong, it's because I had too much extracurricular fun in college.


1970s- Space Mountain, Disney World

1976 (?)- Great American Revolution- Magic Mountain

1977 (?)- Colossus- Magic Mountain

1979- Judge Roy Scream- SFOT

1987- EXT- Worlds of Fun (it's gone, and thank god..the pain, the pain..)

1980s- Greased Lightning- Astroworld

1990s- Top Gun- Great America

1990s- Kong- Marine World, Vallejo

1990s- Scream- Marine World, Vallejo

2001- Superman: Ride of Steel- SFNE

2002 (?) Batman: the Dark Knight- SFNE


I cant remember when it was, but my father insists that we rode the Shock Wave the first year it ran at SFOT. I have no memory of this, but he insists it happened. If it can be counted, MY inaugural ride was the Knott's Berry Farm Corkscrew when I was 7 (*early 1975, I think). Since I bounce all over the place, I dont really have a home park, so...um..yeah.

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Homepark is Drayton Manor. The only one at Drayton I've done opening year is G-Force though. The list is then...



Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park



Spinball, Alton Towers



Rita, Alton Towers



Stealth, Thorpe Park

Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom

HITSSTTR, Islands of Adventure

Shamu Express, Sea World Orlando



Flying Fish, Thorpe Park (the second time round)

Rage, Adventure Island

Knightmare, Camelot

Wipeout, Pleasurewood Hills

Runaway Mine Train, Flamingoland


With *hopefully* Baco still to come.

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i'm usually just a dirty lurker, but this really got me thinking...




Firehawk (does this even count?)



Italian Job Stunt Track @ KI



Revenge of the Mummy @ USF



Millennium Force

Batman Knight Flight

Superman Ultimate Escape







Batman & Robin: The Chiller



Flight of Fear @ KI



Batman The Ride @ SFGAdv

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Mean Streak


Millennium Force

Wicked Twister

Woodstock Express

Top Thrill Dragster


Mystery Mine

Kentucky Rumbler


Hydra The Revenge

Son Of Beast

Italian Job Stunt Track (KI)

Mad Mouse (MiA)

Shivering Timbers

Zyklon (Saginaw County Fair)



Next year... there are a TON that I would love to add to this list!

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thanks, man.


it certainly does. i haven't been to SFGAdv in 9 years, so i am really happy that i got to ride chiller. of course, i am planning a late may/ early june trip to a number of east coast parks for next year, including SFGAdv... i was hoping to get another go on chiller, but oh well...

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I don't have a real homepark, so left out all coasters in belgium.

As far as i can remember, it must be something like this :

Rita, QoS, Alton Towers

Abismo, PdA

Revenge of the Mummy, USO

All coasters in De Efteling incl De Vliegende Hollander this year

All coasters in DLP and WDS, Paris

The new kiddiecoaster in Movieland, Italy (yes, i'm proud )

And... on Sunday i'll be on Troy, Toverland which is officially opening today.

Update : Vertigo and Furius Baco.

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