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  1. Fact is you accused me of misreading a post, when infact you misread it. You get an attitude with me, you get an attitude back. You want to ban me for that, fine. Go for it jackass.
  2. ^ If you're going to accuse me of not reading, you had darn well better read the post yourself. He said RARELY, not never. And since you've decided we can play the age card, I would think a 36 year old would be better at reading than a 23 year old And although it is possible that there was a third train, it seems weird that it was never seen in recent years. On Whizzer and Eagle, the other coasters that have extra trains, the trains are rotated every few years to give them more time for rehab. Iron Wolf on the other hand has been running Train 1 and Train 2 for as long as I can remember.
  3. ^ Unless you've got some solid proof on that (I'm talking a press release, a picture with 3 trains in it, or a picture of an Iron Wolf train with the #3 on it) I'm not buying that. At no point did Iron Wolf ever have enough blocks to permit 3 trains, and since SFGAm is 1. not a resort park and 2. not a year-round park, a spare train would not be practical.
  4. ^The brakes were never installed. I was referring to the fact that 3 trains would do nothing to help capacity. Don't think having 2 trains stacked in the brake run would be more efficient than 1 train stacked.
  5. The fact that a MCBR for 3 train op on Iron Wolf was ever even considered is
  6. To answer your question 6 years later, no it's not you have to hold the dispatch button until the ride comes all the way in. Revolution at SFGAm is a HUSS Frisbee. Once the ride cycle is started, it runs and parks itself. Also, for the original post, restraints not opening is a maintenance downtime. The ride should never be cycled again.
  7. ^ Seeing a mechanic dispatch a train with open restraints is meaningless. Maintenance has access to functions that regular employees don't. (I do know at Cedar Point though, the ops do have a lot more freedom with regard to maintenance functions than other parks though).
  8. ^ Assuming you are referring to Drop Tower at CGA, the ride will not start if any one of the cars does not have its restraints locked.
  9. ^Most coasters only have one secondary dispatch button. So it is the responsibility of that team member and the main Op to make sure that everyone else is in their safe zone.
  10. ^ Can I ask for a source? Not that its hard to believe, but just to make sure its legit. If Indiana Beach is indeed at the end of its life, there's going to be plenty of pissed off 2012 season pass holders.
  11. And now the park's Facebook page is gone. I guess Indiana Beach couldn't handle the masses that were seeing through their BS, and calling them out, so they just shut down the page.
  12. Great. No Steel Hawg credit for me Sunday. This is some serious BS. They don't even try to give any reason. Just hey BTW we're closed already. What a bunch of completely incompetent morons.
  13. That is a crane that is owned by the park and has always been stored in that spot when not being used. I'm not sure of its size, but they will need another larger crane for at least the lift, drop, and loop. And those "X-Flight pieces" are the frame of a tent that used to be where Little Dipper is.
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