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  1. Yo mamma's so lazy she thinks a 2 income family is when the dad has 2 jobs.
  2. ^Ya, I didn't know Conneaut Lake Park had a coaster like that. lol
  3. Customer: Do you sell bottled water here? Me: No, but we do have FREE cups of water. Customer: Well, how much are they?
  4. I would say the opening was a success. BIG NEWS IS COMING, STAY TUENED.
  5. Funny they don't mention rides like the Toboggan, Round Up, Witches Stew, Roll o Planes, and Trabant. I hope they take extra care with the Tumble Bug, it being the last one in the world.
  6. To see what needs to be done to make it run. That thing is NOT in condition to run.
  7. www.meadvilletribune.com/homepage/local_story_104235649.html Let the good times roll.
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