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  1. I was at HW back in the fall and have to say they are a top shelf park! They just make you feel as if your family. Can not wait till I can stop by there and enjoy this park again....
  2. For no bigger than it is looks to be a nice addition to the park. Glad to see KK back up and running.
  3. Actually that Yellow out door coaster has 3 clones that I know of. King's Dominion and King's Island have Outer Limits and Six Flags America in Maryland has Jokers Jinx.
  4. I am just glad to see it will reopen soon. Sad to see the park set vacant for the last few years as I drive by it on I 65.....
  5. I believe the track put too much friction on the wheels, causing them to basically melt away. Pretty much, yup. It's the combination of the high forces and the duration they're applied - plenty of coasters pull 4-5G's, very few of them do so for more than a second or two at a time. I305 pulls that straight through that entire turn, and before the reprofile that was probably somewhere around like 7-8 seconds worth. Now it's probably closer to 4, and then the forces begin to decrease a bit as the train loses speed. It's still enough to force all the blood in your brain down and cause the greyout, but it's done wonders for the wheel longevity! Reason why on warmer days there is water sprayed onto the track between the brake run and station......
  6. Will be heading up that way later this afternoon have to take a quick look .
  7. The train was there till about 93 I believe but was SBNO since 91 if my memory is correct. I know it was running in !990 when I was there for school trip.
  8. Where ever my 70 foot long Semi truck is and there is a Coaster in the area...
  9. Andaconda was the second looping coaster I rode first being Lochness. Since it open Andaconda has been one of my favorites. This past season I can say the coaster is way beyond her prime. Chain slipping, nasty rattle from train undercarriage, to low ride count has plagued the ride. I hate to see it go but as long as it is replaced with something worthy of the almoƟt 10 acre plot ok by me. Just make it fat person friendly though.
  10. I thought Volcano was shut down due to upgrades and a rework on the station? Hmmmmmmm.
  11. Sure glad I didn't go down today then. I be cussing like a seasoned Sailor... LOL
  12. Chuck you just made my Girlfriend Bridget's day! She loves Wolves and now will be hassling to head to the park soon..... Nice report man as usual .....
  13. I was there few weeks after there season opening and was about 20 guys running around with plans and pointing things out. I stopped one of them and asked what they where up to and he wouldn't give a straight answer. With that said I can put 2 and 2 together and have a idea that Planet Snoopy is getting a face lift . Now what the record thing I could only imagine. Maybe they been listening to KDFANCOASTERFAN and they will build another B&M coaster!!!!!!!!! LOL
  14. It Was up and running there are pics on the TPR facebook page of Dominator and the TPR group riding it.
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