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  1. LOL wow! I would be so jawdroppingly sick on that, but it looks really fun, so I may just do what I plan to do for X-2 and Eejanaika and do it on Dramamine. Great scoop, man!
  2. Yet another reason I should go visit my daughter in Chicago later this year; the structure is looking great and love the bents picture!
  3. Excellent TR, Martin! All those years in the plains and I never even knew about Wonderland and its strange coasters. So, how powerful was the storm in Amarillo? It looked awesome.
  4. i wish there was a little more rider prudence, as I am sure has been stated many times before on this thread. By way of explanation, i stopped riding for 4 years (with the exception of Boulder Dash two years ago..and only once) because my weight had become untenable and not fit for coastering. I won't say it's a typically American conceit for some riders to think it's okay to heist their bulk into a train and expect natural and engineered forces to instantly compensate for weights/forces they are not completely designed for, but I have rarely encountered that blanket assumption anyplace but here. As I said..am not trying to be hate-mongering, just passing on an observation. Just a very tragic incident all around; am waiting patiently and avidly for new information and analyses. as is everyone. (completely unrelated: it is great to be back on my favorite website after months and months of not being able to. absolutely love this site.) That is all. Scott
  5. Was great to see that! R.I.P. Big Bend (30 years and counting)
  6. I'm pretty sure I am the only one who would ever request this, but a compilation of the "awesome" TOGO and Meisho coasters you have video'd over the years would be ace. Granted: it would be more in the line of posterity and comedy value rather than an actual spine-tingling extreme set, but cool nonetheless. Anyway, that's my half-nickel.
  7. Corkscrew, Knotts, followed the next day by Turn of the Century, MGA (1977 or so I think)
  8. wow..just WOW! I have yet to experience a TPR trip; this may be the one.
  9. I caught the game at the end (good job! I never would have gotten it) but had to ask: the green coaster pic with the ferris wheel in the background: Wasnt that Dangai, from Thrill Valley? Just curious.
  10. Well, I would base my guess of South America on the wine and a hope that they're also checking out Hopi Hari if they are down that way.
  11. Great photos! Looks like a fantastic addition to Hersheypark as well. I have to say that coaster interaction, esp. contrasting ones (sttel vs. wood, etc.) is one of my favorite experiences on a ride. Looking forward to more updates!
  12. Just beautiful! I will never be able to reproduce anything close to that on RCT3, but am content to watch the magic unfold!
  13. We're in as well. Just can't do trips or bashes (no time anymore, album, etc.) until the signing is in stone, but THIS I can do, and would love to participate as well!
  14. I have to admit this is the first time I've heard of the park, but it looks like a great little family-style attraction! and they have a SCAT!! [one of my all-time favorite midway vomitorium...er..attractions], which means I have to go there while visiting the area next year. Thanks for a great TR
  15. Never When was the last time you quoted a song lyric in a post to the Random section? [the cake is a lie...wtf? am going to have to Google that one]
  16. Great PTR, Darren! That suspended..um..thing looks both amazing and horrifying. The park reminds me of Katoli's World, for some reason; not sure why, though. Thanks for documenting it and hope you had a blast!
  17. Kong was wonderful when I rode it in its first season; can't say how it's gotten over time since I haven't ridden it since 2000. Skyloop looks...um, like a Zac-Spin on steroids without the flopping around, though. I'd have to think twice or pop a Valium before getting on this one.
  18. It was so great to see Canaveral in pictures again, man! Before my family moved from Tampa, we saw the last Saturn V launch at night (I may have been 7 or 8); all I remember was the roar and for a short time it was suddenly daylight again. I've been in the VAB (must have been 83 or 84, I think) and that is a seriously scary building if you have a fear of tall free-standing ceilings, which I do for reasons that..lol I dont talk about that much. Thanks again! Great TR! Kevin [who used to be Scott Mayfield but killed the stage name/alter ego because it was getting boring]
  19. ^^^^^What Elissa said! I love out-of-control woodies as much as the next person, amd in the case of classic coasters from the 20s-40s, I more or less expect it, bring a Vicodin with me, and enjoy the experience as best as I can. As far as the more modern woodies go, if there's an injury/soreness factor, I just smile and wave at it. MA looks like a neat park, but it seems to me that it either has too many conflicting personalities in its design or the overall personality of the park isnt clearly enough defined. It also seems to have invested in the cloaking device that typefies a lot of Japanese parks. (where does one get one of those, I wonder..) Scott
  20. OMG what a superlative park!! I was just about to load my "Lost Gardens of Babylon" onto the site, but I dunno...after something as wonderful as this, my park resembles "Lost Attempts at Mediocrity" moreso than what I thought it did. Maybe I will load after rehab and PT this month; WONDERFUL PARK!! Keep the brilliance up!! Scott "Recovering at Snails Pace but Still Kicking" Mayfield
  21. I woke up, had some dessert for breakfast, and went around town wishing everyone a happy Rapture (which annoyed them, but was very fun.) I guess I didnt make the cut, but since I'm a little Buddhist, I'm just a spectator anyway. TPR Rapture Chat was funny as hell though!
  22. Nice TR! Love the techno Round-Up; reminds me of the RotoDisco that SFOT had years ago. Will have to remember this park when we head to Europe in the next few years.
  23. I had been riding them since I was 6 or 7 {Matterhorn, WDW], but it wasn't until I was dared to ride Shock Wave at SFOT in 1979, and in 1980 when Judge Roy Scream opened, that I really fell in love with them. I was the stereotypical fat nerd in 79 (age 12, I guess) and was dared by most of the rest of my class when we went to SFOT on a field trip; Shock Wave scared the hell out of me, but I ended up riding it nine times that day. Still lovin' em, though!
  24. ^ I completely agree with the Mall of America/indoor park idea. There's also combination-styled (to coin a phrase) parks like Rusutsu Resort [the only one I can name off the top of my head], or a half-in/half-out park like Toverland. I think a theme park in or around Vegas is possible, but it will have to be designed and/or engineered differently than the traditional SF/CF layout. I mean, let's face it: for some of us, Vegas has 3 months that are doable and nine that are hotter than hell. I agree that Vegas is changing, and it sure has changed since the last time I was there, which was 1978 or so. I do, however, think with solid design, planning, and implementation, an ideal park could emerge and prosper [economy permitting] that would complement Vegas' new style. It's just a question of whose masterpiece will do it.
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