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  1. I prefer it in the forum but whatever you decide will be fine with me.
  2. Looks like a crazy new version of the taboggin' coaster that I used to see at the state fair & at Dogpatch USA where the car went up inside, came out the top & went down & around the outside of the 'tree' except in this case it uses an elevator...interesting.
  3. Yes. I'm off at least a couple of days during the week so if I'm able to, I would attend.
  4. We don't have a blue ray player and have trouble streaming so it's dvds for us.
  5. Well it looks like I won't be able to attend after all. Something came up at the last minute on the same day that we have to attend but I know y'all will have a blast & perhaps I'll get to make the next one!
  6. I would luv to go, one of my fave parks but it looks like I may hafta work on that weekend.
  7. Unless I wake up sick as a dawg...we should be there!! Just one question...do we pay when we get there? Sorry it's been a while since I've done something w/y'all & I didn't see any posts regarding that question. Thanx!!
  8. I voted a hesitant yes. I love the idea & the perks are great & the fee is less than what ACE would charge & you get a LOT more! But my hesitant thoughts are this: since I haven't been able to take any trips yet (although I always plan to) what if finally there was the one time I could finally go & had to be put on a waiting list, but not as a premium member, just to be turned down in lieu of a premium member. While I do understand the significance of being a premium member getting priority, would you not also see if the premium member had been on a trip w/you before & allow a newbie to go instead, to have that chance even if I were not a premium member as of yet? Or how about looking at how long a non-member has been on the waiting list -vs- the premium member who maybe just been placed on it considerably later than the non-premium. Would that still be fair if a non-member had been waiting longer? Just passing along a couple of thoughts that crossed my mind. If anything were to be added as a suggestion, though, would you have special events at parks in different areas or just going with what a certain park is offering already & work around that? That part wasn't too clear. Thanks for listening.
  9. That was an Xcellent narration & luved the photo captions. Can't wait to try it out. I guess I won't be missing anything since I didn't get to ride it before??
  10. awesome as usual! It certainly looks wild. Can't wait to ride it someday. Just ordered the video, it's gonna be hilarious. Can't wait!
  11. OTSR = Over The Shoulder Restraints. Coasters like Poltergeist (Joker's Jink, Flight of Fear, etc.) used to have shoulder restraints but they took them off & put the lap bars on like they have now.
  12. Hmmm...Erin, never thought of that but you DO have a good synopsis of it. I never thought of comparing it w/Poltergeist but in a woodie way, I suppose I can picture that comparison. I do agree it feels a bit different, like it has a mind of its own & a bit on the wild side. As previously said, some of the riders--including myself--stated that it seemed to get faster at times on the different go-arounds. I thought someone at the controls was making it go faster but was told that it just happens that way.
  13. Ahem...Jakizle, are you saying I'm OLD???? Hmmm??? Now which was the one under the station? We were going so fast I didn't notice. (I think each time was faster than the one before!!) It WAS indeed, "insane". I'll agree with ya there. I'll have to review some footage from youtube or someplace to see where exactly you were talking about.
  14. I liked it 'cept for the first turn out of the drop. I LUVED the drop, it was great! I also didn't like (in the right hand seat) the way it jostled around the curve next to the water but I heard they were going to wk on it I think?? The left seat didn't seem to jostle as much on that particular curve but overall, that's the only two issues I had w/it. The rest was fine. My fave parts was after the second drop w/the deep curves. I don't know if those are referred to as lateral curves but I luved them. The last curve coming into the station was so close to the beams that if I reach over, I probably would've touched them.
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