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What rides have you ridden in their debut season?

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There may have been more, but these are the ones I am sure of (although a few are only confirmed by family members).


At a home park (anything in Southern California):


Freeway Coaster & Tree Top Racers at Adventure City

Merlin's Revenge & Screamin' Demon at Castle Amusement Park

California Screamin' & Goofy's Sky School (then Mulholland Madness) at Disney California Adventure Park

Space Mountain (new) at Disneyland

GhostRider*, Jaguar!, Pony Express, Sierra Sidewinder & Silver Bullet* at Knott's Berry Farm

Coastersaurus, Dragon, Spellbreaker & Technic Coaster at Legoland California

Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld San Diego

Apocalypse the Ride (then Terminator Salvation: The Ride), Green Lantern: First Flight, Road Runner Express, Scream! & Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Hollywood




Untamed at Canobie Lake Park

Intimidator at Carowinds

Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion

Wooden Warrior at Quassy Amusement Park

Pandemonium (then Tony Hawk's Big Spin) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure

Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum at Six Flags New England


*These rides opened in December. While I did not ride them in their opening year, I rode them by the end of their first summer of operation.


Up until 2010, I visited very few parks outside of California. Now that I have begun traveling, I expect the list to grow by 2-4 coasters per year (assuming the right parks add coasters, as I can only do about one trip per year).

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- Superman Ultimate Flight @ SFGAm

- Steel Venom @ VF

- King Kahuna @ Kennywood

- Delerium @ Kings Island

- Scooby Doo @ Kings Island



- Ragin Cajun @ SFGAm

- Jungle Racers @ Holiday World



- Funnel Of Fear @ MiAdv

- Hades @ Mt. O



- Italian Job @ KD



- Dark Knight @ SFGAm

- Steel Hawg @ Indiana Beach



- Buccaneer Battle @ SFGAm



- Little Dipper @ SFGAm



- Riptide Bay Attractions @ SFGAm

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X2 (One week after opening!) -SFMM

Green Lantern (1 week after opening!) -SFMM

Roadrunner Express-SFMM

S:EFK (Opening day!) -SFMM



Green Lantern-SFGAdv


Those are my only ones! (Besides the ones at my home park, SFDK) I was actually at Knott's during the opening seasons of both Sidewinder and Pony Express, but I did not ride either until the season after.

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Untamed - Canobie Lake

Wooden Warrior - Quassy

Green Lantern - SFGAdv

Road Runner Express - SFMM

Superman: Escape From Krypton - SFMM

Revolution - Lake Compounce

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues - Disneyland



Grover's Alpine Express - BGW



Possessed - Dorney Park



Goliath - SFOG



Kingda Ka - SFGAdv

Maxair - Cedar Point

Sheikra - BGT

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Maverick @ Cedar Point



Behemoth @ Canada's Wonderland

Thunderhawk @ Michigan's Adventure

Voodoo @ Dorney Park



Little Dipper @ Six Flags Great America



Soaring Eagle @ Coney Island

Steeplechase @ Coney Island

Wooden Warrior @ Quassy

Untamed @ Canobie Lake Park

Green Lantern @ Six Flags Great Adventure

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Diamondback - King's Island

Firehawk - King's Island


Maverick - CP


Star Tours 2011 - Disneyland

Finding Nemo's Submarine Voyage - Disneyland

The version of Space Mountain that opened in 2005 - Disneyland


Every single attraction at Disney's California Adventures, including every one that has been opened after opening season. I really loved the Who wants to be a Millionaire show they had before Monsters Inc.


Silver Bullet - KBF

Xcelerator - KBF


Goliath - SFMM


Deja Vu - SFMM

Scream - SFMM

Tatsu - SFMM


Terminator - SFMM

Green Lantern - SFMM


Road Runner Express - SFMM

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Not too many, but here's my short list:


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

2003: Zonga (not sure if it counts, since previously it traveled around the German fair circuit)

2011: SkyScreamer. Rode it opening day, got in early with my season pass and rode it before the GP.


Six Flags Magic Mountain

2011: Superman - Escape From Krypton (If you count it as a new ride after its transformation) and Green Lantern: First Flight.

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2002: Ricochet - Carowinds

Ricochet - King's Dominion


2010: Intimidator - Carowinds

Intimidator 305 - King's Dominion


2011: Cheetah Hunt - Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (However, this is my home park, so it was quite easy to get.)



Ones I'm not sure about:


2006: Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom


And maybe others. But I'm not sure about them.

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2004 - Fairly Odd Coaster - Nickelodoen Universe

2004 - Ragin Cajun - Six Flags Great America

2008 - Evel Knievel - Six Flags St. Louis

2009 - Rabalder - Liseberg

2009 - Afrika Expressen - Olands Djur & Njespark

2009 - Diamondback - Kings Island

2010 - Little Dipper - Six Flags Great America

2011 - New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas

2011 - Soarin' Eagle - Scream Zone

2011 - Steeple Chase - Scream Zone

2011 - Wooden Warrior - Quassy

2011 - GCG:EFAA - Six Flags New England

2011 - Untamed - Canobie Lake Park

2011 - Green Lantern - Six Flags Great Adventure

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I'll name all the rides I can remember here...

Windseeker (CP)

Italian Job: Stunt Coaster (CW)

Behemoth (CW)

Silver Streak (CW)

Tatsu (SFMM)

Terminator Salvation: The Ride (SFMM)


Tony Hawk's Big Spin (SFDK)

Toy Story Midway Mania (DCA)

The Simpson's Ride (USH)

Space Mountain '05 (DL)


Aaaand that's it.

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If I consider just Legoland to be my home park (I'm within biking distance) as my home park, here is my list:




Sierra Sidewinder

Pony Express



SeaWorld SD:


Journey To Atlantis

Lighthouse 4D

Lights Camera Imagination

Bay Of Play

Riptide Rescue


Disneyland Resort:


Space Mountain 2005

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Captain EO Tribute

Goofy's Sky School

Silly Syphony Swings

Little Mermaid


California's Great America:


Tiki Twirl


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom:




Thomas Town


Busch Gardens Tampa:


Cheetah Hunt


That's all...

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The ones I can remember aoff the top of my head are


Cedar Point:

Milennium Force

Wicked Twister

Top Thrill Dragster


Kings Island:

Son of Beast


Six Flags Magic Mountain

Green Lantern: First Flight


Kings Dominion:

Hypersonic XLC


Hershey Park:

Lightning Racer


Universal IOA:


Dueling Dragons


Michigan's Adventure:

Shivering Timbers

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Not counting my home park:


Kingda Ka (SFGAdv)

Hydra (Dorney)

Dare Devil Dive (SFOG)

Tony Hawks Big Spin/Pandemonium (SFDK)


Counting my home parks:




Batman: The Ride

Deja Vu


Green Lantern: First Flight


Riddlers Revenge

Road Runner Express








Pony Express

Silver Bullet




Revenge of the Mummy (USH)

California Screamin' (DCA)

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Not at my home park and flats included:


Kings Island: Vortex, Adventure Express, Son of Beast, Italian Job/Backlot Stunt Coaster, Firehawk, White Water Canyon, Tomb Raider, Delirium, Windseeker


Kennywood: Phantom's Revenge, Swing Shot, Cosmic Chaos, Garfield's Nightmare, Ghostwood Estate, Sky Rocket


Waldameer: Steel Dragon, Ravine Flyer II, Flying Swings, Mega Vortex


Six Flags Great America: Vertical Velocity, Superman Ultimate Flight, Revolution


Six Flags Over Georgia: Dare Devil Dive


Worlds of Fun: Timber Wolf


Holiday World: Voyage


Darien Lake: Motocoaster


Dorney Park: Hydra The Revenge


Six Flags Marine World/Discovery Kingdom: Vertical Velocity


Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Drachen Fire


Canada's Wonderland: Psyclone


At my home parks:


Geauga Lake: Mind Eraser/Head Spin, Batman/Dominator, Superman/Steel Venom, Roadrunner/Beaver Land Mine Ride, Villain, Texas Twister, Raging Wolf Bobs, Pirate's Flight, Starfish, Thriller Bees, Time Warp, X-Flight


Cedar Point: Just about every new ride they added for as far back as I can remember including Windseeker. Only ride not ridden in its opening season - Shoot The Rapids 2010.

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Here's my list-


Pandemonium- SFDK

Sky Screamer- SFDK

The train ride at Thomas town- SFDK

Apocalypse- SFMM

Sierra Sidewinder- KBF

Tiki Twirl- CGA

Bombora- Lagoon

Mega Wedgie, Wipeout, and Surf rider at SFGA

GL and RRE- SFMM (Hopefully)


Im not sure but I THINK I went on the water play structure at CGA when it opened, but im not sure. I rode X when it became X2 in 2008 if that counts, and this isn't the debut season, but when I went to SFGAdv in 2010, it was gasm's last 2 days of operation.

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