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  1. Just a couple of ideas... I think you can travel to Philadelphia directly from Great Adventure without an extra hotel stay. It's probably only an hour or so trip. You can get there by midnight. If you're planning on visiting Niagara Falls, I don't know if you plan on visiting the Canadian side (IIRC, the views are better over there), but if you do, check on the requirements for re-entry to the US on a tourist visa. If there's a hassle or delay, there goes your schedule. Another idea for hiking and nature travel is to visit Presque Isle in Erie PA. It's very close to I-90, actually right next to Waldameer Park. When you're in Shenandoah Natl Park, you should check out Skyland. They have different types of lodging there, from cabins to a hotel, and it's all right in the park. Not sure what you're budgeting for lodging. The Appalachian Trail also runs through the park, so there are plenty of places to hike. I'm also wondering if you might want to flip Kings' Dominion and Busch, so you won't have as far to travel to Charlottesville that night. Just a suggestion.
  2. To whoever asked about the Kurves: Nothing across the bridges from the Phoenix side (except for the train) will be running. For Halloween, the train actually loads near the campground right in front of the tunnels. Parking is in the campground, too. What I can recall being open off the top of my head: Phoenix, Twister, Pioneer Train, Antique Cars, Fandango, Wipeout, Looper, Flyer, Paratrooper, Tea Cups, Roto Jets, Haunted Mansion, Cosmotron, and for the kiddies-- the Cub cars, Helicopters, and Fire Trucks. The mini golf course will also be open. Basically, it's everything along the path leading from Wipeout back to the Haunted Mansion, nothing beyond.
  3. Dick mentioned that Mike Boodley had been involved with the Turns for the last 6 months or so. I wonder if the changes to the brake run and final lift were based on his input. I don't know whether his involvement includes design of the cars. I'm as disappointed as the next person that this ride hasn't opened yet, but just a reminder to the "kids" in here: Parks owe you nothing beyond the usual business transactions. You give them money, they'll let you go on rides, play a game, eat a hot dog. They'll keep the place generally clean and safe. Most will even let you rent a parking space for the whole time you're there. They're not required to provide you with a new multi-million dollar coaster every year, record breaking this or record breaking that, and they're certainly not obligated to tell you when ride X will be open, or why it isn't open on such and such date. Do you think Knoebels is deliberately not opening this ride just to tick you off? Don't you think they're as frustrated, if not more, than you are that the ride isn't open yet? They're the ones not making money off the investment. What are you losing? A credit? They probably didn't realize up front how difficult it would be to bring the ride up to modern construction and safety standards without sacrificing the original ride quality. Actually, wasn't one of the problems with a previous version of the cars that the ride was too wild and random? Here's my personal totally unofficial explanation for why the ride isn't open: American fat asses weigh a lot more than they did when the original FT's were open in the 1930s. They have to figure out a way to haul 400-500 extra lbs down the course without the train flipping over or jumping out of the trough. *Disclaimer: The previous opinion may not be shared by Knoebels Grove or the owners of this website.*
  4. Another thing to remember is that in PA, Friday night is HS football night, so that tends to lessen crowds at other events. I don't know if they'd have any games scheduled at the stadium. That wouldn't affect the park, but would screw up parking, because the spaces closest to the stadium would be reserved for the event there. Parkgoers would have to park farther away. This Friday looks rainy again, but things are supposed to clear up Saturday afternoon.
  5. Does Jersey City count? No? Well in that case... Knoebels Grove Hersheypark Dorney Park Waldameer Cedar Point Supporting those PA Parks! and that one in Ohio.
  6. I think that guy in the video looks a lot like Ed Markey. LOL On the serious side, I don't know much about the rules of what can or can't be shown on YouTube. But it seems to me that something depicting illegal activity (what is shown would be in PA, I don't know about BC) should be removed and the park has the authority to request it since it occurred on its property.
  7. On the one hand, it's easy to tell Six Flags to sell parks, but who's going to buy? Another company already in debt? Or a company (which is just about any company these days) who has trouble receiving financing and credit from a bank? Just because you have something to sell, doesn't mean there's automatically a buyer. On the other hand, a few years ago K-Mart declared bankruptcy. Within 2 years I believe, not only did they manage to stay in business, they bought Sears.
  8. Just be glad one of the problems doesn't mention Leap the Dips. Luckily, the laws of physics haven't changed much over the years.
  9. That's not bad at all. IIRC, Phoenix was $3.00 last year, and the Cars and Mansion were $2.00 each. I think I rode Phoenix 5 times, and the others 1 time each. So that was $19 for 7 rides. For one more buck, I get 3 more rides.
  10. We didn't get into line for the cars until around 9:45 or maybe even later. We figured by the time we got through, Phoenix's line would be closed. So we kept riding Phoenix until the last possible moment. I was considering going back one of the next 3 weekends. Now with the additional rides being open, it's a lot more likely. Are they still going to charge by individual rides? Or are they going to offer some kind of wristband or handstamp? Heck, I'd pay $20 for something like that. Last year, I probably paid close to that for one ride each on the cars/mansion, and 3 or 4 Phoenix rides.
  11. That's great news about the additional attractions being open for the next 3 Saturdays. I saw also that the Fire Trucks and Moon Bounce will be open for kids too. At this rate, how much longer will it be until Knoebels stays open through October with a full-fledged Halloween event? We only found out about the haunted train ride because we rode it during the afternoon and saw a bunch of tarps and miles of extension cords running through the woods. It piqued our interest enough to check it out at night. It was pretty good-- there were a few "scenes" set up along the tracks and some piped in noise and creepy music. No live actors-- at least at PPP. Maybe they'll be able to get some more folks from the other rides and attractions. The haunted antique cars were great-- it keeps getting better every year. The only problem was that cars were getting bunched up because a lot of people were driving slowly to check out all the scenes. I missed seeing "chainsaw guy" in the Twister queue this year. But if the coaster runs as smoothly as it did last night, I won't care if they don't decorate it at all.
  12. Every time I see pictures of the CBC, I wonder how the hell did someone walk that track every day for maintenance? It always reminds me of those movies where the old railroad bridge gets washed out. The cross ties look a bit widely spaced. I wonder how different it would be if it were to be re-created today, using computer design and modern engineering analysis and methodology. If I had the chance to ride a re-creation of it, sure I'd give it a try. As long as they didn't recreate the vomit smell to go with it. That would get me before I ever got near the loading platform.
  13. The Cedar Fair people are wondering what that big green thing is in the middle of the picture.
  14. Do you mean the snake dive? SR doesn't have a cobra roll-- Fahrenheit does. Anyway, my favorite is the zero-G/ snake dive combo on Storm Runner. OK, so that's 2 inversions. First runner-up is the Norwegian Loop. Yes, that's also 2 inversions. So, no love for the Jo-Jo Roll???
  15. Maybe they're hedging their bets. It would be better to not include it in the list, and if they are able to run it, well it's gravy. On the other hand, if they say it's going to be open and decide not to run it, it's a downer. As far as running coasters in December in PA, it's not just the rides you have to worry about. Imagine the wind chill on your skin when it's 32 degrees F or so and you're racing along at 55 mph. A few years ago, I rode the Wave Swinger with my niece and nephew when the air temp was around 30 degrees and I'm thinking "Am I totally freaking nuts or what?" The kids of course loved it.
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