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  1. What evidence do you need? You’re the one saying it’s 100% going to be open with no evidence to back your statement up. Until the Hershey website lists Farenheit on the rides list for HPITD, there’s no guarantees.
  2. Why don't you learn the facts before calling my information fake? I have no reason to make it up and don't appreciate your comment. For the sake of people planning to go, I hope the information is wrong, but that e-mail came from Hershey whether you choose to believe it or not.
  3. That's interesting because I also e-mailed the park and got the following response... Not that it even matters to me since I won't be able to go, but I just wanted to warn people who might be going.
  4. According to the rides page for Hersheypark in the Dark, Farenheit is not going to be open. http://www.halloweeninhershey.com/rides.php
  5. Have you seen the actual Voodoo train? It doesn't look anything like Raptor. Raptor is black, green, and purple. Voodoo is pink, purple, orange, and yellow.
  6. That's definitely not right that Flash Pass users get the front row over the people who wait in line. I'd be complaining to Guest Relations real quick on that! Every other park puts Flash Pass users in the middle of the train or merges them in with the regular line closer to the front. To flat out give them the front row is just wrong!
  7. Nice to see them working on BoulderDash. Let's hope it's running well this coming season!
  8. Just curious, where do you work that you have to work Thanksgiving? In a restaurant? As for us, I'll just be at home with family--nothing too big!
  9. That is a pretty cool site. I found a couple items on there that I didn't think were still being made.
  10. Great TR! I had never even heard of Jiminy Peak before. Check out this video of an alpine coaster:
  11. If this was Wednesday, the park wouldn't have been open in the first place. It's a good thing that workers were still around to see it!
  12. When I was traveling on I-80 in PA last week, there was a sign about one lane up ahead due to construction. Everyone immediately got into one lane even though the closure wasn't for another couple miles. When I continued on in the other lane, a truck purposely moved over and blocked my way. Is that some sort of PA thing? I've never seen such a thing before! Any place I've driven before, people always use both lanes until the last possible minute. Why would you get into one lane miles before you actually have to?
  13. My friend who works at the park has informed me that Boulder Dash has been closed since Saturday evening. A section of track came loose and damaged both trains. Once it reopens, they will be using ONE of the Hershey Wildcat trains for the remainder of the season.
  14. Great pictures and TR. You certainly covered a lot of parks in just 2 days!
  15. Is the Cyclones parking lot always open? I see on their website that they have a game at 5 pm that day, but we'll be getting there around noon.
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