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What rides have you ridden in their debut season?

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Since ive only ever ridden coasters at Hershey, though i have been to other parks i just have been only on coasters there. As such i was afraid of heights for a period of time between my younger riding days and this year which is my first time back on. So Skyrush is the only debut season ride ive been on yet.

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Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point. I distinctly remember how terrified I was going down that first drop. Also, it was the last coaster that I went on with my dear father, who passed away less than a year later. Against his doctor's advice, he went on the Magnum, despite having cronic breathing problems, but going on the Mega-coaster actually made him breath better during the ride!! Great memory!!

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Cool thread.


Mantis, Cedar Point, 1996

Outer Limits: Flight of Fear (now Flight of Fear), at then Paramount's Kings Dominion, 1996

Tony Hawk's Big Spin (now Pandemonium), SFoTx, 2008

Dominator, Kings Dominion, 2008 (But had moved from Geauga Lake)

Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer, 2008

T Express, Everland, 2008

Kawasemi, Tobu Zoo, 2008

blue fire Megacoaster, Europa Park, 2008

Diamondback, Kings Island, 2009

Familie-achtbaan, Billy Bird Park Hemelrijk, 2009

Anubis: The Ride, Plopsaland, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo, Flamingoland, 2009

Thirteen, Alton Towers, 2010

Tickler and Circus Coaster at Luna Park Coney Island Opening Year, 2010

Little Dipper, SFGAm, 2010 (but had moved from Kiddieland)

Ukko, Linnanmäki, 2011

Twister, Gröna Lund, 2011

Steeplechase Cavalry Coaster, Scream Zone Coney Island, 2011

Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion, 2011

Dare Devil Dive, SFoG, 2011

Wooden Warrior, Quassy, 2011

Green Lantern and Road Runner Express, SFMM, 2011

Both Coasters at Glenwood Caverns, 2012, but both moved from other parks

X-Flight, SFGAm, 2012

Dauling Dragons, Happy Valley Wuhan, 2012

A lot of other crap in China that supposedly opened in 2012 but most of it rides like it was built in 1972


Can't list Falcon and Dragon Fly at Duinrell (2009, 2012) or Rolling Thunder at SFGAdv (1979) because those were my home parks at the time.

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Great White and Steel Eel at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Mister Freeze and Batman at SFOT.

Taz's Texas Tornado and Mayan Mindbender at SFAW.

Joker's Revenge, Scream, Superman Krypton Coaster, Poltergeist, Boomerang, Roadrunner Express, Sling Shot and Iron Rattler at SFFT.

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I somehow managed to be on the first public train out after the first fix they did for Son of Beast. It was a totally random set of circumstances that led to that. Honestly, the first ride was surprisingly smooth and we were amazed by it. Everyone on the train was talking about how smooth it was.


We re-rode it again immediately following after about a 45 minute wait, and the ride managed to brutalize us.


I've also been in the right place at the right time for a bunch of Disney stuff. Most memorable there was I rode Alien Encounter during test and adjust when they had up no warnings whatsoever about the intensity of the experience. I had heard rumors about what to expect, but the experience itself was pretty surprising to me. There was something about the sheer terror of the people around me that made it even more hilarious too, and that got me to ride (experience?) it multiple times that day. It was also neat because they were testing slightly different scripts in the ride, and I know the maintenance guy sequence was similar but presented totally differently in the two rides that I had.


Outer Limits: Flight of Fear was another ride I managed to get on when it opened. The entire build up back then was amazing, and the theming and whatnot was even more effectual than it is today (and it still packs a good punch today). The trains returning empty and the abducted family jokes were really funny. The biggest thing that I remember though, and I'm curious if anyone else does - when the ride very first opened, they used sound in the station more. There was a jet sound that revved up before the ride took off, but the thing that was taken out is the "aliens" used to make fun of you for riding. I believe there were three statements that cycled, but the one that I clearly remember being said was, "Intelligent life on Earth? Then why are you in the harnesses?" followed immediately by the launch.


I believe that these were there for only a few weeks opening season, but it was absolutely hilarious... if you weren't really stunned by what was about to happen with the launch.


^ Oh, and hey... I managed to ride Mantis opening year too. I didn't think it sucked back then. Then, someone at Cedar Fair had the bright idea to add trims to the drop, and the thing is brutal now... I miss the original thing though.

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Mine will be YOLOcoaster and Coast Rider in just a few days! I also could have had Deja Vu in 2001 but the lines were insanely long. Instead I opted to ride POS-clone when that once existed as it was a walk-on... Otherwise, I pretty much consider SFDK and CGA as my home parks.


Home parks would have to be the following:

Gold Striker - CGA

Superman Ultimate Flight - SFDK

Roar - SFDK

Medusa - SFDK

V2 (original) - SFDK

V2.5 - SFDK

Zonga - SFDK


And looking ahead (maybe...if it ever opens...you've already probably figured it out ): Undertow - SCBB

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I was in Barcelona last Summer and got onto Shambhala at Port Aventura in its opening season. That's one coaster I beat Robb and Ellisa to riding. Also in the past I rode Goliath at SFMM in the Spring of 2000, Superman the Escape in the Winter of 1997, Rocket Rods at Disneyland in 1996, Indiana Jones Adventure in the Summer of 1995, and I think Splash Mountain in 1989.

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Exterminator- Kennywood


Revenge of the Mummy- Universal Orlando


SheiKra- BGT

Italian Job- KI


Skyrush- HP


I also just booked a hotel for Cedar Point for the 13th-15th of this month, so unless the weather is lightly misting or it breaks down, I'll get on GateKeeper this year. I don't have the best luck with CP, so hopefully I have a good trip!

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Untamed - Canobie Lake

Wooden Warrior - Quassy

Green Lantern - SFGAdv

Road Runner Express - SFMM

Superman: Escape From Krypton - SFMM

Revolution - Lake Compounce

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues - Disneyland



Grover's Alpine Express - BGW



Possessed - Dorney Park



Goliath - SFOG



Kingda Ka - SFGAdv

Maxair - Cedar Point

Sheikra - BGT


To update my list:



Various attractions at Legoland Florida



Skyrush - Hersheypark

Sky Screamer - SFGAdv



Gatekeeper - Cedar Point

Music Express - Waldameer

FlyOver Canada

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Bonzai Pipelines--Six Flags America

Full Throttle--Six Flags Magic Mountain

Coast Rider--Knott's Berry Farm

Pacific Flyers--Knott's Berry Farm



Stinger--Dorney Park


Cheetah Hunt--BGT(Within year of public opening)

Windseeker--Kings Dominion



Dare Devil Dive--SFOG



Intimidator 305--Kings Dominion

Demon Drop--Dorney Park



Expedition Everest--Animal Kingdom




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Ironically, both are wing riders.


SFGA: X-Flight 2012

Cedar Point: GateKeeper 2013


Home parks included would add:

LegoLand CA: Dragon 1999 (My first roller coaster I think)

LegoLand CA: Technic Coaster 2001

KBF: Pony Express 2008

SFMM: Terminator Salvation 2009

SFMM: Green Lantern 2011

Sea World SD: Manta 2012

SFMM: Full Throttle 2013

KBF: Coast Rider 2013


As for non-coasters, I'm not really sure besides Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom and the two family rides at Knott's.


Definitely going to be adding Goliath at SFGA next year... and hopefully more like Banshee if I go on a TPR trip!

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All away from my home park...



Gatekeeper - Cedar Point

Music Express - Waldameer

Coast Rider - Knott's

Stratosfear - Knoebels



Constrictor - Wet'n'Wild

Justice League - Movie World



BuzzSaw - Dreamworld

Ariel's Undersea Adventure - DCA

Shockwave - Dreamworld

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Mine would be...



Universal Studios Florida - Soft Opening (No rides were operational, only shows).

Star Tours (DHS)



Muppet*Vision 3D (DHS)

Fright Nights/HHN (USF)



Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Soft Opening (DHS)

Majority of the opening line up (IoA)

Test Track (Epcot)

Winnie the Pooh (MK)

Kali River Rapids (AK)



Nemesis Inferno (Thorpe Park)



Revenge of the Mummy (USF)



Toy Story Mania (DHS)



SAW - The Ride (Thorpe Park)



Storm Surge (Thorpe Park)



The Swarm (Thorpe Park)


Alton Towers my home park would include: New Beast, Runaway Train, Haunted House, Nemesis, Energizer, Ripsaw, Oblivion, Hex, Submission, Spinball Whizzer, Rita, Battle Galleons, Heave Ho, Thirteen, Sub-Terra, The Smiler.

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