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  1. ^In Florida they are restricted as to what they can do with Marvel due to Universal's licencing agreement that's in place for IoA, it's not just Hulk & Spiderman that are off the cards, as I understand it, it's any character that is related to any characters that are used at IoA, so that would include all the Avengers, this is presumably why they have been able to use Guardians of the Galaxy at Epcot. Also a big coaster park is not Disney's style, they have been able to create some of the best thrill rides in the world without having to build any big skyscraping coasters
  2. I've voted for Facebook & Twitter. Facebook is the only platform I use socially though, I only use Twitter for following things I'm interested in, I never actually tweet.
  3. ^I think it's pretty much a given that the trains will feature more traditional lap bars, instead of the over the top style that Mack normally use. The photos of the train shows that there are not any restraints installed on the top of the seats, so they must be in front of the riders.
  4. It turns out it's a new series of Disney Fan Days, Not sure what they will entail, but apparently the first one is on Oct 1st.
  5. Great report, I can't wait to go to MNSSHP again on our 2020 (hopefully) trip. The trick or treating looks so much better than our last time there, I can remember we ended up eating hardly any of our haul, that was way back in 2008 though.
  6. Here's a few from LEGOLAND Windsor for Ninjago and the renamed Destiny's Bounty (Previously Longboat Invader), and Flight of the Giant Peach at Oakwood. Destiny's Bounty Ninjago Ninjago Ninjago Flight of the Giant Peach Flight of the Giant Peach
  7. I don't think they'll sell out before the day, especially in September, I would definitely see what the queues are like before buying any Fastrack.
  8. I imagine that the entire area won't be taken up by the ride, looking at the size of the space, you could pretty much fit both Forbidden Journey and Gringotts in it, so I think they will have the new ride plus an extension to the Hogsmeade area, to bring in more food & retail outlets into the area and alleviate the crowding in the area. I guess they could also add in things like the Shrieking Shack to add further landmarks to the area.
  9. Looking at those pictures it doesn't appear to be a fault in the construction of the ride, as you can see the section where the seats are bolted to the arm is still intact, so to me that would suggest that the seats either did hit something with enough force to rip it off the arm, or that it was metal fatigue and it broke on its own under the pressure of the downswing.
  10. They could potentially have it timed to happen a couple of minutes after you return to your room at the end of the day to ensure that everybody has a chance to actually see it, instead of just going off at set times. I'm sure that's something that could be implemented with MyMagic+. I'm wondering how it'll work at night time, will you have a switch to close shutters on your window, or will you permanently be able to see the screens throughout the night? I can imagine that even if there is very little happening on the screens, it's still going to illuminate the room a bit, which may not be to everyone's taste, I guess a mix of both options would be the best choice.
  11. Ratatouille is definitely a good ride, and will be a great compliment to the World Showcase. I've not done Mystic Manor or Pooh so I can't really make the comparisons between them, but if you take the ride on its own merit, it is a fun and impressive ride. Yes it's not particularly ground-breaking, but there are some clever features that do make it that bit special. Another point that while it does rely on screens for portions of the ride, I think at least these fit in fairly well and include sections that would be extremely difficult to replicate within physical sets, also the large scale of the screens help keep the illusion that you have been shrunk down to the size of a rat. Regardless, I'm more excited for Guardians as it is an original ride, so I'm sure it's going to be an impressive concept whatever it turns out to be, but unfortunately I think I'm going to miss it on our next planned trip in 2020 along with most of the other announced additions.
  12. My advice regarding the fastrack options is to wait until the day, while you can pretty much guarantee it will be busy when you visit, you never know what the weather is going to do, so if it is not the best the parks might not be too bad. As for options I wouldn't go for Platinum at Alton Towers, the jump in price is quite steep from their gold option, which will get you on most of the big rides once. If it's in your budget the one park I would spend more on is Thorpe Park, as the queues can really get bad there, and the Full Throttle pass only gets you on the main coasters and only after 1pm I believe, the Ultimate pass gives you unlimited entry to most of the rides plus once onto Derren Brown. Also Chessington does have fastrack, but the options for that really depends on what you are wanting to ride there.
  13. I don't think it has anything to do with the Dragons reaching the end of their life at all, but more likely how many more people they can attract with a new Harry Potter specific ride. Also if you consider the size of the land taken up by the Dragons, they can easily fit a couple of rides and more retail & food outlets in that space.
  14. The ride experience is fairly different between the two also, while I've not ridden Tron itself, I've been on other Vekoma Motorbike coasters, and the feeling is nothing like Space Mountain. The only downside to this is that they will be removing a 32in (0.8m) ride with a 48in (1.2m) ride, presuming that it will have the same restrictions as Shanghai. Yes there is already plenty to do for the younger ones in the park, but the Tomorrowland Speedway is a popular attraction with them. I like the idea of combing both the Lightcycles and a Speedway/Autopia, if they had a full on Tron theme with electric cars it would be a great revamp, and an interesting attraction with the lightcycles speeding along above.
  15. I've never thought to look at Centre Parcs in Europe as an option, I'll have to keep that in mind for future years, as I'd love to check out some of the European parks.
  16. Perhaps in the enthusiast community yes, but I doubt the general public are aware of the other European parks or are likely to switch a family break at DLP for a trip to the other parks. Like you said the change in the hotel packages, removing breakfast as standard, and the change in the dining plans, has made the resort hotels less attractive now, but for me they are still a very convenient and good option, I love being able to get into the park from your room door to door within 15 minutes (and that's from Cheyenne). I'm not even that bothered about breakfast no longer being included, the breakfast experience at Cheyenne is not particularly great as it is just so busy, so for our trip next June we are planning on just having breakfast in our room and getting to the parks ready for EMH, which will save time and hassle in the mornings. Hopefully with Disney taking full control of the resort, things like this will be improved upon, as the work they have been doing to the resort has been great the past couple of years.
  17. It appears that starting from October 1st this year the Extra Magic Hours at DLP are changing from the regular 8am-10am 2 hours in Disneyland Park to 1 hour in both parks 9am-10am, as per the opening hours below. While the idea of being able to get on some of the Studios rides when it's quieter is good, overall this is a step backwards from offering 2 hours a day to only 1. Plus in my experience 8am-9am was a lot quieter than 9am-10am so for those that actually utilised the first hour it's even more of a disappointment as you could get quite a lot done before the majority of guests entered the park. I'm hoping that this is either a trial, to see how it goes, or maybe just for the winter months, as the opening hours are only currently available up to October 4th it's difficult to see if these new hours are planned to stay or not. DLP Opening Hours
  18. I think the only way we'll see any new attractions added to the current World Showcase Pavilions is if they are focused on an IP. For example I can't see the 'Rhine River Cruise' being a major pull if Disney decided to bring that project back from the depths, but Ratatouille or Beauty & the Beast would definitely bring in the crowds. For me any new ride added to World Showcase is a huge bonus, as much as I have grown to appreciate it now I'm older, when I was a kid (and I'm sure is the case for a lot of children) once you got past the rides in Mexico & Norway, there is/was not a massive amount to keep young ones, who want to ride things entertained, although I appreciate that this has changed with Kidcot and the World Showcase Adventure games, but these weren't around when I was young. Also, yet another rumour has sprung up regarding the possibility of adding Brazil to the World Showcase (source Blog Mickey), which is certainly very interesting, and again would be fantastic if true, another country would certainly inject new life into that side of the park. I can't wait to see what gets announced at D23.
  19. The issue with requiring someone aged 18 and over to ride the rapids, assumes that there is a magical force that makes people sensible and responsible on their 18th birthday, which is blatantly not the case. To me this seems like more of a case of limiting liability. The Drayton incident took place on a boat that had no adults on, so ensuring that there is an adult on every boat, would take some of the focus off the park in the instance of a similar incident occurring. If some one ignores the safety rules and stands up and falls in, it's much easier to protect the park if there was a 'responsible' adult with them at the time, who should be stopping them from being stupid.
  20. I can't help but think that this project is a bit doomed now, from what I remember they didn't have the easiest time getting investors on board, and now that the big name IP has backed out, I can't imagine it'll go down well with those putting up the money now that the resort has no clear focus. I think the only way this development would really work would be if it is truly unique compared to the other parks in the UK, and the movie studio IP could've worked really well, as apart from a few kid specific IPs featured in the parks around the UK, there isn't anything else to compete with this aspect. It may have a great central location to London, but I don't know if this would be a gift or a curse. Yes it would be very accessible to many people, but London already has a lot of tourist attractions specific to the city, so would all these tourist really use a day or two to visit a theme park while visiting London? The example of Hard Rock Park springs to mind, with it being close to the tourist trap of Myrtle Beach, but nobody visited because it's not what they go there for, it might be an extreme example, but I think there's potential for similarities. It'll be interesting to see if they manage to secure any other IPs to bolster the project as they do still state "...characters and stories will be brought to life from iconic movies, television, books electronic gaming and toys.". I guess they still have the BBC agreement in place.
  21. That's great news. It'll be interesting to see how this affects the expansion plans, rumours were suggesting that if TWDC took control the plans may grow and become more rapid in there construction. Hopefully this will be the case and WDS gets a rescue plan realised sooner rather than later as it desperately needs it.
  22. It was replaced with the Jungala area, which has a few animal enclosures and kids play area and rides. I think it was changed around 9 years ago now, I remember the area being fairly new when we visited on Honeymoon in 2008.
  23. Isn't that due to them re-utilising the ride film from King Kong 360 3-D from Hollywood, with a few tweaks. I can just see Universal taking advantage of the new Mummy movie (providing it's a success), to make a relatively cheap makeover changing up the sets and animatronics to give the ride a fresh start. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the ride itself, and I personally wouldn't mind if it stayed as it is, but I can definitely see it happening.
  24. The main point in this news story is that the family 'plan' to sue the park, until the results of the investigation are released there wouldn't be any action taken against the park, and if it is confirmed that she stood up during the ride against safety warnings and doubt there would be much of a case to answer. I think the most that will happen against the park is that they have to revise the riding policy for the ride, e.g. riders under the age of XX must be accompanied by an adult, instead of just riders between 90cm and 110cm must be accompanied.
  25. I've just thought, with the new Mummy movie coming out soon, what do you think are the chances that the Mummy ride will get an update? I guess the success of the movie will be a factor, but even though the Brendan Fraser movies were good (well the first two) the first is almost 18 years old now, so the relevance of the franchise is fairly dated now, especially with the new film ushering in the Universal Monster's shared universe, you would think that an update for the ride would be a no-brainer, with an updated story, sets and effects.
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