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  1. Thanks. follow up I’ve just added a meal pass the better one that can be used at any of them, does anyone know if I must go to my home six flags first to set that up like my pass or can I add that at any of them since unlike cedar fair there doesn’t seem to be an easy option to set it up online.
  2. Hey I’ll be coming down in June when the Union play United and likely visiting Sunday evening and Monday morning. Does SFOg have outside lockers as I’ll be leaving from there to my flight home and will have my duffel bag and don’t want to carry it all over or really get it through bag check. Thanks
  3. I think if any coaster get's removed soon it's Wild Mouse and you can probably move that to the old Arena area and replace it with water stuff. (if the old arena is not like around for historic reasons. Imo it's useless at this point). The two Wild Mice together are unnecessary especially so close, even though two different rides really. Anyways if they're adding stuff there is a lot of room around Candymonium.
  4. Seemed a massive expletive show today. Corkscrew did open so got that, waited in line for 20 minutes and Raptor went down. Got in Cedar Creek Mine Ride, and the open big three of MF, MAverick and Steve. TTD, Wicked Twister, Rougarou and Gemini had no signs of life. Tomorrow is our second and last day so I guess I clean up Raptor, Valravn, Gatekeeper, Magnum, and Iron Dragon. And maybe the bigger kiddie. Hoping Sunday is less busy than today was but Queue times seems to disagree.
  5. Do any coasters at KW require lockers for bags and stuff that I should be prepared for? any moveable locker options etc? Thanks.
  6. Do any locals have any insight on locker needs and if certain coasters don't have spots to put bags and such? And locker pricing, or moveable locker type stuff? Thanks.
  7. So it looks like Orion doesn't have bins and will likely require lockers. Does anyone have a list of locker specific coasters at KI? I know Cedar Point has a list of ones you need it on, and I will likely just by the moveable one for both days I am there, is that an option at KI, and is it needed?
  8. So we went cheap on the Cinci hotel (KI +KK), and Pittsburgh, and spent a little extra for Hotel Express to get the saturday and sunday at Cedar Point.
  9. Confirmed on their Insta. Probably about launch concerns with weight. Or parts. Or just anything.
  10. Any word on if Platinum holders can get multiple day reservations yet or should I bite the express bullet to guarantee a second day? OR should I do that anyways as now both times I have looked at CP hotel deals it's either too expensive or just bad review.
  11. My earlier complaints were more that it seems like there is a lot of open spots, especially on a thursday and friday early on in this, so if it is a there system can't handle it ok...but it seems like other people have done a good job of setting up reservations system. We will see, but I'm excited to go, and we'll just use our Aquarium or Kentucky Kingdom tickets that day.
  12. I had to do something similar with a chance, early june trip (still no payments back from Plum benefits and working advantage) week long holiwood nights, to CP, KI, KK, and KW with some other stops for other things has turned into a July 9-13 trip of KI, KK, CP (hopefully for two days but that depends on their rules) KW, and then returning in August for HW, and maybe IB?
  13. So update to the earlier discussion. You can also get your Dorney pass online, wasn't announced but my friend did it and now has it in the app. So we're good to go as long as neither of us has a freak out in the next two weeks as I am liable to do. (small respiratory disease on my part, though I am way healthier than as a child and my doctor's point was that if I get it I should be fine, and there is a huge chance I already did with my work situation, lot of people here travel around the country, and my trip in early MArch to LA the weekend before everything shut down)
  14. So the whole only once during passholder preview seems a bit ridiculous. I was trying to come up for a weekend (long weekend plus 2 days) spend two days at KI, two days at CP on the preview days 9,10 then 11,12 and do some other stuff, but KI specifically says no double days but when logging in to get my reservation literally 10 total reservations had been made from the hourly mark which means no one will be there, but surely also it should be more open to do multiple days. My Home Park Hershey has it set up to allow for up to 3 days reservation at a time and that seems fair. My home CF park has nothing set up up yet for even opening (dorney).
  15. I actually didn't. Being longer Six Flags holders maybe that is why. I'll look into this. We're trying to head over to CP and KI for opening possibly and that would be a lifesaver.
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