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  1. Fifty bucks really isn't that much to pay for this game, considering that most video games for Playstation 3, and the like, cost about the same. That wooden coaster in the new video looks AWESOME, I can't wait to start to build!!!
  2. He's me on a trip I had to Maine. More trips to come! Maine Trip
  3. I would have to say the old Crystal Beach Cyclone, like it was back in the 1920's. But you never get sick on it, and it's safe for EVERYBODY to ride , even kids. That would be my idea of a coaster in heaven!
  4. The gas in Kenmore, N.Y(near Buffalo) is $3.95, but at the supermarket where I get it, you can earn points off if you buy enough groceries each month. I got 30 cents off, so I paid $3.65. Still, it's way too expensive, the taxes in this state are outrageous!!
  5. I'm certain the park will do something to keep the coaster safe, as well as the spectators watching it from below. The Cedar Point corkscrew goes right over the midway, and I always felt I could actually touch the track if I jumped up high enough, but I knew I really couldn't. It'll be interesting to see what they'll do, though!
  6. ^Yep, that's the place alright, kinda brings back my childhood memories. I would go there at least three or four times during the summer, before all the bad things started to happen. Actually, the park was run well for a good number of years, but then it started to go downhill by the end of the seventies.
  7. There was also this place near me, way back in the 1970's. Called Fun and Games Park, they had six or seven carnival rides, a batting cage, mini golf course, an arcade, and a rickety looking Wild Mouse that broke down all the time! Actually, all the rides broke down constantly, and eventually, somebody got hurt, and the park was deemed unsafe. It was bulldozed, and replaced with a supermarket.
  8. Caunneaut Lake, went there a number of times during the 70's and 80's, love the Blue Streak. I just wish they would referbish the place up.
  9. Very nice scenery! I can't wait to see Robb's POV when he goes on Outlaw Run for the first time!
  10. WAY TO GO, CEDAR POINT!! How many coasters do they have now, I've lost count!!
  11. For me, it's definitely funnel cake, covered with cinnamon and powdered sugar.. they're made at the local carnival every summer. Darien Lake has a good sausage sandwich, too.
  12. Darien Lake is about 45 minutes from me, via the thruway. Martin's Fantasy Island is just a quick ten minute hop over the Grand Island Bridge.
  13. Love the graphics, the rides look so real! Now just show me a wood coaster, and how you make it, and I'll be happy!
  14. ^ I also got became sick on the Tilt-a-Whirl, when I was ten years old. Made the big mistake of eating a burger and fries fifteen minutes earlier.
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